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  1. No. I actually don't believe in it. I'm not a religious person (religion=fail). I don't believe in these cult-made thoughts.
  2. This is sarcastic. Is this the Western countries' retaliation from the fact that Islamic countries are banning women from wearing clothes that bear skin? Well, I just have thought of that, though the law obviously hits directly the religions of the concerned. This is just stupid... ...although I agree that they shouldn't wear that Niqab (it's hideous).
  3. Man, it moved me. We have four cats. One died in a similar way as Jack did. And he was also old, so we didn't bothered ourselves to bring him to the vet. We want him to rest. Damn, I miss him.
  4. Weird. I usually just settle to day-dreaming, oh well.
  5. I guess I'm the only one here (yet) to have the universal receiver: Blood Type AB.
  6. EA stealing our cash? Why would they do that if they earn tons of money for each franchise they hold? Maybe boycott Ubisoft, too? They followed suit today doing the same thing.
  7. "Keep Your Friends Close..." is my favorite mission. It was the best ending so far in the GTA. Felt like you're Tony Montana from Scarface.
  8. My choice would be V-Rock because of the rock music audibly shown in this station. I also considered Flash FM, though that's another story.
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