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  1. i'm stuck on the mission on your airstrip in the desert its called n.o.e its th only one i have to do on my map.
  2. poor guy basic spelling and grammar must of past him by!!!
  3. yeah that would be cool i live in da uk so i get it later than da u.s but before oz so it wil. be cool to discuss and find out others opinians etc. etc.
  4. cool screenshots! r* say that they will do this every month?! cant wait
  5. the trailer was cool but i think r* could of shown a bit more of the game though but it still looks good. 2 months too go!!!!!!!
  6. if you want it on the day of release from amozon, it costs £1.65 for on the day delivery, but if you can wait a couple of days (3--5 to be precise) its free
  7. ok pretty simple, debate which is the best and give reasons why.
  8. gta on game cube! no way im still pissed off at r* 4 giving the xbox the amazing gift of gta. GTA SHOULD STAY TRUE TO ITS ROOTS, THAT MEANS IT SHOULD ONLY BE ON PLAYSTATIONS AND PC'S.
  9. i probaly gonna sound dumb but who cares. When is the trailer avalible?
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