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  1. Dazza

    Well, that means I'll have to make a stupid 'normal' AIM account. Fuck that, we can talk through PM hopefully.

  2. Merry Christmas to you mate, it really is Christmas here!


  3. Dazza

    Hello, I thought I might pop in and say hi!

  4. Dazza

    Done, swimming pool at the school, I don't think I can post links here, lol.

  5. Hey man, long time no talk, eh? How you been?

  6. Dazza

    Hey V, what's up? MSN not working again? Anyhoo, wanna RP on HSRP? I'm bored out of my mind.

  7. Awesome, I'm about 7 hours from Christmas. Sleep tight sky, don't let the bed bugs bite.

    (Unless your into that sort of things)

  8. Yeah, not in the mood to make a better pay out.

    Anyway, I'm physiced for Chrissie tomorrow. Should be good, wau?

  9. Yeah believe me, plus Mum's not letting me go to this camp cause it comes back on the 28th and my birthday is the 29th.

    Oh, btw, go onto R*W.

  10. 2 weeks? Awesome, I'm on summer, 2 months baby. Sad I have to go back to school on my birthday though.

  11. Yeah good, we don't talk much anymore after you know, the thing, but yeah I'm fine, on Hoildays. What about you man?

  12. Good Luck with your gang mate....



    I think I should now kill myself...

  14. Haha, I just remembered what you said on MySpace...lol

    Oh the guys are going love it....

  15. Ah, it's cool. Some people get like that.

  16. I mean you, sorry...

  17. Well, I think I am in love...with your topic of course. It's so funny. :D

  18. Not as nice as it is to meet you :P

  19. Hey, just a nice and friendly hello.

  20. Dude, what's with the name...it does not suit you one bit!

  21. Hello, I'm Dazza...welcome to the forums..how are you?

  22. You can't change your name twice in a week...you have to wait a month to change it. And I didn't change my name, I took over the body, and I have a different name...

  23. Yo man, don't go on my profile and go WTF?

    Cause it pisses me off. So stay away from me and my topics.

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