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  1. Rhys520

    Post you're Cars!

    They are real nice. I'm liking the blue lightning-type style.
  2. Rhys520

    Post you're Cars!

    Awesome, they're sweet. I still haven't posted any others; lawl. Might do so soon...
  3. Rhys520

    Post you're Cars!

    Ooh, Nice car. I might add some more as well. xD - I dont have any car mods though, they crash SA-MP -.-
  4. Rhys520

    Post you're Cars!

    Exactly what the topic says' Post you're Cars, I've just quickly done one up to startup the thread. If this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it obviously xD.
  5. Rhys520

    Which Gang is the coolest

    Me like the Ballas. They're cool; I like that fat one with the black robe type thing. But them ones with a white-shirt and shorts with a stupid headband round them.. They P*** me off big time for some reason. Call me strange xD
  6. I'd say the Cheetah. Not just because it's fast, It looks awesome; especially when it's doneup. ;D
  7. I like the mission where you have to infiltrate area 51. Can't remember what it's called though. >_>
  8. Rhys520


    Bounce FM & Radio X ftw. But there's sometimes 1 or 2 songs on them stations i dont feel like listening to. So ill change to other random stuff. K-rose ect..
  9. Rhys520

    what is your favorite bike in sa

    NRG is my favourite as well. I like that sporty one you can find on the second island.. That is a NRG isn't it? I've forgotten xD