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  1. Also in GTASA there's the "World's Largest Cock" owned by a company called "Peckers & Seeds"
  2. Well, Rockstar North's former name was DMA Design... they're based in Edinburgh in Scotland.
  3. Pt. Jasraj - Raga Ahir Bhairav Now see if ya'll can even find that one
  4. Chris you still didn't tell me why you think this fellow is a fake. And btw, can someone please point me to an official confirmation of the cropduster please? Like a screenshot or a gamer website saying "R* spokesperson confirmed this -----" etc...
  5. yeah kerry's irish too i think... like kennedy... both massatucetts (sp?) rich liberal irish catholic democrats fighting evil republicans... btw did u know ralph nader is an arab?
  6. Yeah I looked at the newest shots and was thinking that too... my guess is that it's a combination of the setting sun and LA-style smog. Have you ever been to the real LA? It really IS covered with an orange-brown haze all the time...
  7. Actually can you please gimme a link where rockstar confirms the cropduster and the ruin crops mission please?
  8. Why is it that you disbelive him though? Any reasons in particular?
  9. Time to get back into the spotlight tnk ;-) I'm back to debate the map... :-) My internet was down for a few days since I was moving apartments.... rite now im on a dialup on a friend's comp So here's the list of "known facts"... pls update them if new info has come out in the last few days since I haven't been monitoring for new info... 01) Big Buildings seen from HP Point... not check. 02) Lots of country between LS and SF... check. 03) Possiblity of mountain(s) between LS and SF... check. 04) Bone county (desert) visible from Panopticon... check. 05) Flint county (mountain) visible from Panopticon... check. 06) SF airport visible from Panopticon... not check. 07) Atleast one SF bridge connects to non-urban area which may or may not be mountainous... check. 08) "America-shaped map" (I remember reading this somewhere)... not check. 09) Lots of open countryside for small towns... check. 10) Bridge from Rodeo going west... check. 11) "City Limit" north of Red County a possibility... not check. 12) "City Limit" west of Rodeo a possibility... not check unless it refers to LS's city limits. 13) Map about 4-6 times > VC assuming LS = VC... check. 14) SF might straddle a river/sea/inlet/creek/bay etc... check. 15) Angel Pine near the base of Mt. Chilliad... check.
  10. The story of where I'm from is a long one, though I currently reside in the US. But I've been to Sing and HK both and I'm talking from experience plus outside info (eg. how many HK crime movies are there vs how many Sing crime movies are there? Several hundred vs a few handful at most?) What about u where r u from?
  11. ROFL I meant Singapoere is CLEAN not corrupt. In america if ur caught w/ marijuana ur sent to jail... in singapore its death penatly. Thats what i mean. Singapore is like, already a gang-dom run by one man. And he's been very successful at keeping all other ----- out. Plus, HK definitely has more crime than Sing... tho GTA's hk would probably be a mix of hk, gungzhou and macau bcos there is a lot of cross-border crime there. Although sing would certainly be a pretty city to drive around in in GTA... And the reason i mentioned kidnapping/sex slavery is that it is one of the few crimes not yet played out in GTA. As is hijacking...
  12. And nice map tnk... tho i think SF airport is a bit closer to the panopticon than that. BTW was "Edgar Dam" ur idea? Nice one, tho "Herbert Dam" is probably what it should have been ;-) Oh and did u see the other post where the fellow who claims to have worked for R* says that its gonna take an HOUR of real time to drive b/n LS and SF in an infernus? I can't even believe that... can any of u?
  13. yeah actually the card has 128 mb sry... and i really cant afford anything more at the moment, even if its not gonna work with games anymore... btw how much ram does a ps2 have any idea?
  14. Cos in Singapore if you piss without lifting the seat Lee Kwan Yu will have you arrested, whipped and deported. How are you gonna run a criminal empire from there?
  15. Oh and you didn't answer whether the freeways will be a 24 hr traffic jam like the real LA ;-)
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