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  1. chopsuey

    secret website

    plz help! i saw this website at the airport sayin www.dma-design.com/gta3/secret.htm or html. it is located round the back of the airport where there are three doors saying scrolling sentances, then all of a sudden if you read long enough it should say that website!! i have tried it but it dont work can someone else please try it and let me know what happens! the website is here
  2. chopsuey

    Something weird just happened

    i sorta had tha same thing happen to me but tommys head was in a scooter and not on a car. lol
  3. chopsuey

    Someone help me

    Edited because I'm a n00b.
  4. when i first bought vice, i thought it was really hard because of the new cheats compared to gta 3 so i went and bought a vice city cheat disc, and it rulez. if any1 else has 1 plz let me know cuz every1 i know dont got 1.my version is the action replay version.
  5. chopsuey

    Mike Lip's last lunch

    if u have armed tha bomb and ran away and it still dont work, run up the stairs of marcos bistro, that always works.
  6. chopsuey

    ghost town

    ive tried to get to ghost town for ages but i have never succeeded. flying the dodo sux cuz u cant fly it over the big mountain thing and the tank is as impossible to fly as the dodo. has any1 got any ideas on hot to get to ghost town on the ps2 version. i really wanna go there. ive heard there are lots of cars parked there and thats all i know
  7. chopsuey

    favourite pedestrian saying

    my fave saying iz probly "ypu can sail the 7 seas" for gta3, and for vice city,... well errr... vicecity sucks
  8. chopsuey

    Gangs of Liberty City

    yo wassup, my fave gang iz easily the yardies, cuz they have great cars and they sorta have theyre own radio station. WTF iz every 1 on about the yakuza been the best???? they suk, asuka is a ugly bitch and kenji has a strange a$$ voice, theyre cars arent too good either. (the colours)
  9. chopsuey

    favourite car?

    yo, dont any of u cruise? my fave iz tha yardie lobo, it rulez. i spend all the time cruising in ma lobo getting hookers lol,