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  1. ^ is silberio.. probably < doesn't know him V doesn't know me either
  2. ^ ? < clicked the wrong smiley Vsilberio?
  3. i was. Then he remembered
  4. avatar: 7/1' sig: 8/10 nice person: never met him
  5. you are a long salad buffet wgo likes to conquer divas and for teh 2n time: you are a tit grabbing crook who likes to grope hawks
  6. ^ thinks he is the center of the universe < now browsing with Opera V using IE
  7. Just tried it... cant install it, it requires a 'genuine copy of windows', which I dont have.
  8. welcome all of u new guys! hope u have a good time here!
  9. ^ is right < is going to ask spongerob what did he say V is going to tell me
  10. did so, still same as before. Maybe its reinstalling the program or something like that. I've been considering upgrading my IE to IE7.
  11. ^ has a huge sig < is trying to understand what exactly u two are talking about V knows english better than I do
  12. still doesnt work. I uninstalled the old version, installed the new one, restarted the computer (2 times) and its still like before. then I looked into internet options > advanced and under 'Java' i saw checked 'use 1.5JRE update 9' or something like that, but it also said 'requires restart'. somewhere in the installation notes I read something about restarting the program. how do I do that?
  13. ^ posted less than a hour ago < doesnt have neither V does have a girlfriend/boyfriend
  14. 1. (to Jace) what button exactly are u talking about? 2. (to man united...) erm, I dont quite understand what do u mean by version of the page? 3. (to Chris) and I can see the last few posts only when I click on 'reply'. and it takes about 30s for a subforum to load.
  15. deleted them, didnt help. tried it both on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. still cant c it.
  16. Now, I aint quite sure where to put this, forgive me if I'm offtopic. I'm having problems with seeing this page. I can see other forums normally, only here, I cant see the bottom of the page! If u maybe know what's the problem, please tell me, cuz this way I am having a lot of trouble posting, since I dont know what I'm replying to (cant see the last post)
  17. let me see if I got this right: u join the RAF for 12 years, they finance u going to university and their camps, u learn how to fly for free, and after that u have a job and u get a few hundred £ for the rest of ur life?
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