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  1. Fuzzy168

    cannot run Gta iv..

    Is there anyway to prevent my anti-virus from saying LaunchGtaIV.exe as a malicilous program?
  2. Fuzzy168

    cannot run Gta iv..

    It runs fine now. Only one problem. It says I need RGSC.exe. So, I went to Rockstar's Social Club and Signed Up. But it says 'Access Not Permitted'. What should I do then?
  3. Fuzzy168

    cannot run Gta iv..

    Windows XP Professional Processor: IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 CPU 3.20GHz RAM 3072MB
  4. Fuzzy168

    cannot run Gta iv..

    i got it from a retail store don't really know much about my system specs though..
  5. i recently purchased Gta iv.. Because I'm very new with Gta iv, I don't really know which one to open. So i open launchgtaiv.exe.. my anti-virus said it was a malicious program. So I try to open gtaiv.exe. Only a program with a black background pop out.. Nothing else happen.. What should i do?
  6. Fuzzy168

    GTAV Trailer Recreated in GTA San Andreas

    If only I had San Andreas..
  7. Fuzzy168

    WTF is this is?

    She looks much better now..
  8. Everytime I install gta:lc, I couldnt open it. It doesn't even start up. I open it with my gta:vc launcher I can. UNFORTUNATELY, the mission The Crook doesn't even goes in a proper way like others.Whats the problem!!
  9. Fuzzy168

    Main.scm missions

    I do know how to script, but not all yet.
  10. Fuzzy168

    Main.scm missions

    And how am I supposed to do that?
  11. Fuzzy168

    Main.scm missions

    How do I remove all the missions in Vice City? I'm creating a conversion mod.
  12. Fuzzy168

    Server in VCMP

    How do I actually create a server in VC-MP?
  13. I wanna play SA, but my computer can't read DVD. Downloading from internet is againts the law and I can't find any link. I don't wanna download via Torrent. So can someone like just E-Mail it piece by piece to me?
  14. Fuzzy168


    Anyone here can tell me how do I view the animations the peds.ifp file? I downloaded gmax but have no idea how to open the file.
  15. Fuzzy168


    If you don't understand, it means like this = [TGTAP] TheX *This is just an example. What do you say? Looking forward by Admin of TGTAP!!!