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    cannot run Gta iv..

    Is there anyway to prevent my anti-virus from saying LaunchGtaIV.exe as a malicilous program?
  2. i recently purchased Gta iv.. Because I'm very new with Gta iv, I don't really know which one to open. So i open launchgtaiv.exe.. my anti-virus said it was a malicious program. So I try to open gtaiv.exe. Only a program with a black background pop out.. Nothing else happen.. What should i do?
  3. Fuzzy168

    cannot run Gta iv..

    It runs fine now. Only one problem. It says I need RGSC.exe. So, I went to Rockstar's Social Club and Signed Up. But it says 'Access Not Permitted'. What should I do then?
  4. Fuzzy168

    cannot run Gta iv..

    Windows XP Professional Processor: IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 CPU 3.20GHz RAM 3072MB
  5. Fuzzy168

    cannot run Gta iv..

    i got it from a retail store don't really know much about my system specs though..
  6. Fuzzy168

    Blue of red jacket

    I need ur help because I'm making a mod.. This requires to replace one jacket.. What do u think.
  7. Fuzzy168

    Radio Station

    Can anyone e-mail me the radio station files for vc... I really want to hear the radio.. mine has no sound.. so i hear my mp3. Heres my email [email protected]
  8. Fuzzy168

    GTAV Trailer Recreated in GTA San Andreas

    If only I had San Andreas..
  9. Fuzzy168


    My GTA Vice City cutscenes have no audio..??? Can anyone give me a download link or send it to via Email ??? Or even tell me whats the problem... I don't have a gta vc cd... I got it from a friend.. PLEASE NOTE!!!
  10. Fuzzy168

    WTF is this is?

    She looks much better now..
  11. Everytime I install gta:lc, I couldnt open it. It doesn't even start up. I open it with my gta:vc launcher I can. UNFORTUNATELY, the mission The Crook doesn't even goes in a proper way like others.Whats the problem!!
  12. Fuzzy168

    Main.scm missions

    I do know how to script, but not all yet.
  13. Fuzzy168

    Main.scm missions

    How do I remove all the missions in Vice City? I'm creating a conversion mod.
  14. Fuzzy168

    Main.scm missions

    And how am I supposed to do that?
  15. Fuzzy168

    Server in VCMP

    How do I actually create a server in VC-MP?
  16. Fuzzy168


    Anyone here can tell me how do I view the animations the peds.ifp file? I downloaded gmax but have no idea how to open the file.
  17. I wanna play SA, but my computer can't read DVD. Downloading from internet is againts the law and I can't find any link. I don't wanna download via Torrent. So can someone like just E-Mail it piece by piece to me?
  18. Fuzzy168

    Problem in Vice City

    When I'm doing the mission Two Bit Hit, this happen.!! Sori, no pic.. cannot upload.. When I go to Little Havana to pickup the cloth, All the building textures didn't load properly and there was a grey sort of thing blocking the road...(If you understand what I mean) This happen too in Viceport and Little Haiti..(I'm not sure about Downtown) Can anyone tell me what's the problem...
  19. Fuzzy168


    If you don't understand, it means like this = [TGTAP] TheX *This is just an example. What do you say? Looking forward by Admin of TGTAP!!!
  20. Fuzzy168


    Who have Vice City Multiplayer? If you have, post your nick here. We should get this site a VC-MP clan. What do you say? My nick is TheX
  21. I've been doing some research about VICE CITY during its BETA. This picture seems to show that Aparment 3C use to be a safehouse. My question :- How to put the cassete at Apartment 3C? What program should I use?
  22. Fuzzy168

    SCM Help

    I downloaded Sanny Builder and started to mod the SCM, but I don't know how to change it from .txt to .scm. Can someone tell me what should I do??
  23. Fuzzy168

    SCM Help

    I found this button called compile. What does it do?
  24. Fuzzy168

    How to add wheels txd to Vice City

    i was actually meaning how to add more wheels. More than the original!! I do know how to change the wheels, but how to add extra wheels....
  25. Can anyone tell me how to add wheels txd to vice city..???