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  1. i know you've probably done this but don't go across the Badlands.You wiill get shot down by heat seakin lissles from turrets
  2. hi its me again anyway i wanted to know where can i get the clothin for these clothes http://www.gamespot.com/features/6112180/s...80.html?page=71
  3. is that the place where i have to pay $80,000 to get
  4. who is the mission for then we can help
  5. where do i go to get a airoplane licence so i can fly any plane without getting shot down?
  6. Dude we know but you weren't ment to tell everyone cause i know people that aren't that far yet but who here is in Las Venturas yet in San Andreas?
  7. The weapons don't have a coloured ring around them they are just floating in mid air
  8. i think they taken it off the air on most music channals due to micheal jackson actually complained cause it said on the msn news somewhere MJ not please with just lose it
  10. also do you know where i can get brillient weapons in Los Santos like machine gun . Also do i have to shoot gang members in the head on auto aim oe manual aim to get the grades up
  11. hi, i was runnin around in Los Santos last night i i noticed a ammu-nation. But i cant get in it. How do i?
  12. matt

    We're back

    Yeah cause of a incident involving chris and the download system
  13. hahaha im getting it tonight and im in the UK
  14. Thanks chris for the gmail account. I have told you my email address, please send the invite now
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