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  1. Well once you got the cheat pack and ready to install it to your PSP get a USB connection and put it in your psp and the other side of the connector plug it in your computer were the usb connection plug is..... Then on your PSP go on the PSP menu and go on USB MODE, and download the cheats.
  2. It will be easier to fly the dodo there...
  3. Is there any new version of cheat device?
  4. yea... i can do that too.. i really love dat.
  5. Yea, i joined today so there isno prob is there, if there is too many tell them to join my forum hey i would like to invite you to my forrum i would be very happy if you join and if you are going to join please reply back this is the site [link removed] and if you join please introduce yourself thanks alot nobody special: sahdev
  6. Yo, my names Tommy Montana i joined today.
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