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  1. Pyronoodle

    Empire Building Glitch

    This is possibly the glitchiest game i have ever played, i relly hate playing it because there are so many bugs, and loading the textures etc. take ages! I resorted to my ol' faithful PS" for a good bit of GTA3, claude runs like a tard and the handling is crap AND you dont get a map in the pause menu, but christ, i'd much rather play that than VCS, the glithchiest game i have ever played, FOR SHAME Rockstar,FOR SHAME...
  2. Pyronoodle

    that robot mission

    This mission is serverly gettin on my wick, could someone do me a favour and pass it for me if i post it here? I've been trying for like 3 days non stop. Please some one do it for me! (i'll post save after someone replies)
  3. Pyronoodle

    How to configure my ps2 controller

    Hello? Yes? No? Yes? No? (Really gets on my wick when people don't respond...)
  4. Pyronoodle

    help! my gta games gone crazy!

    This has happened to me a few times, just do the usual. Turn off your pc, re - check your GC, Maybe defrag yur HD, Try again, it did it for me on burglary missions, so i jst stopped doin' em.
  5. Reserved it, gettin my brother to buy it for me, cos i'm only 15Yo, so i'll get it the day it comes out, the day B4 my mate! Hahahaha...
  6. Pyronoodle

    What are you listening to right now?

    The gentle humm of my PC... I really should put some music on!
  7. Incoming N00b attack! Be warned! How do i configure my ps2 controller to work on my PC with San An? I have an adapter and everything, and my pc recognizes it, but when i go in to SA and change the controller mode to 'Joypad' It just doesn't work! HELP!
  8. Pyronoodle

    Will YOU be bidding?

    Have any of you ever considered bidding on this... genameZWDVW" target="_blank">http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/M400X-Skyca...sspagenameZWDVW I like the comments saying 'can i tow my caravan with it...?' and 'Can i get one in black?'
  9. Pyronoodle

    Unlocking Ammu-Nation What mission unlocks it?

    The mission after buring desire id gray imports, the dudes all have smg's, so you can use them , also an AK spawns in that mission at the back of the warehouse, makes house party a peace of cake!
  10. Pyronoodle

    PS3 OR 360

    erm, there is still the matter of the p23 having BLU-RAY and the xbox not, hmmm, no REAL competition. Go PS3!
  11. Pyronoodle

    Improving the hydras speed

    OK, San An has been out one hell of a long time, rime enough, i think, to have completed it, or if not, at least have got past Las Vnturas, to a mission named 'vertical bird' It tells you how to use a hydra, and if your are that incredibly poor not to have got to vertical bird, then take pity upon yourself. After gaining good height by accelerating upward with landing gear down, i.e to the max height, then raise your landing gear. Hold num8, or on Ps2 left analog stik up and clicked in (dunno wot it is on xbox cos they're crap!) to move thrusters forward, but keep a finger on up so you don't plummet to the ground!, It's getting faster isn't it?, to land, hold num 2 or on ps2 left ....... etc. Then put your landing gear down and decelarate (spelling?) Bishbashbosh...
  12. Pyronoodle

    Where am I

    I hereby refuse to dignify your idiocy with a post about how much of other people's time you wasted. Time that could be best spent playing GTA. Probably.
  13. Pyronoodle

    Ok this is getting on my nerves now

    If , for example i had downloaded a VC mod, and Converted it to work in SA, i would at least have the comon courtesy to, in the readme, include the author of the file from which mine had originated. Ever used FPS Creator? there are a bunch of downloadable models commision free for use on the FPSC forums, sure i've downloade a few, and always, i include a credit to the creator of any model i use in any file i create. If someone took a mod you'd created and converted it to, for example, SA and took every living shred of credit for the entirity of the mod, would you be happy to accept that??? Also, well done harlen for making your post. When you buy a game/program, you are paying for a liscence to use those fles, so long as you do not duplicate and distibute the liscence that is fine. ( don't quote me on it though) Also i agree with the 'sticky n00b' comment. You want a REAL metaphor to make your point, that car salesman one really sucks. Here is a feasable metaphor. Say a car company, Ford, for example, bought a Vauxhall and crowbarred (possibly the best verb ever!) off the Griffin badge and plastered a Ford one in it's place. Despite the fact the calipers, intakes, catalytic converter, driveshaft, fan belt, steering servos, clutch cable etc. were either bough or produced by Vauxhall, it's a ford now is it? (one word answers only please) Dont get me wrong, hypocrits should be shot, i should know, i am one...
  14. Pyronoodle

    Favorite Gang Car

    1) you say the burrito must be the fastest van in the world. Gta, however damned cool it may be, is infact fictiona, not having a dig, and i get what you mean. Just making a point. 2)I beg to differ. I think The 'Hoods rumpo XL in LCS whoops the burrito.. 3) Baggage handler on the basis that every time i drive one, i think 'does this car rip my face off with lightning acceleration?' No.
  15. Swimming... LCS lacked the option to retreat to the sea with your huge wanted level and watch the pigs drown in their pigmobiles, sirens helplessly(?) wailing... SQUEALY SQUEALY OINK OINK!