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  1. Guys...

    I made a random skin pack for Tommy

    He looks really strange

    So I just want to test to see if I should put it in


    Please do not crash your computer because you hate the looks

    Come on people! I want some people to post here!


  2. Guys that mod is kinda awesome

    I finished the game with that.

    Good things

    A:In the Heli mission, shooting the Streetwannabe's, you get chaingun, not M60

    B:Cancels some shiti missions.

    C:Lets you hire bodyguards

    D:Lets you access the mainland at the start

    E:You get phone calls at the start.

    F:Delete's the RC missions

    G:Lets you buy an indestructible hunter,infernus or banshee.


    A:cancels some fun missions

    The thing that REALLY pisses you off


  3. Oh yeah, LET'S KILL SOME HAITANS!!! :evil::evil::evil:

    I'd put a bullet in Auntie Poulet's head, no, make that thirty-three (Cause Tommy is 33)

    I'd #### up every haitan funeral

    I'd kill every haitan that I see

    I'd steal EVERY piece of haitan crap and give it away to Cubans (If I could)


  4. I like Tommy because

    A:He's tough, kill people in 5 punches

    B:He can speak

    C:He wears a Hawaain shirt

    D:He gets to play with girls :bleh:

    E:He dosen't give a crap about anything, (not even Sonny's bitching about the money)

    F:He's over thirty

    G:He dosen't wear a white shirt

    That's it

    Ok ok People,

    I do have a fear about white shirts

  5. These the things

    A:Can't swim

    B:Dosen't have the ability to keep skins when doing cutscenes (GTA3 can)

    C:More boxy modelling for cars(GTA3 was alot smoother)

    D:Peds can't pick up money or guns

    C:When you almost run over someone, they leap the wrong direction ( to your car)

    E:VCN Mavericks are hard to fly

    F:Unfair Justice, attack someone whos attacking you and get a wanted star.

    G:In and out the police station and get 2 stars

    H:Ken talks crap

    I: Can't use ladders unless completed the G-spotlight mission

    J: No naked ladies, even though theres a porn studio

    K: Umberto also talks crap

    L:Cubans sound the same

    M:Diaz and his gang are Cuban, but one mission you kill cubans (a Diaz mission)

    N:Steal the squalo and it comes back with Lance in it :blink:

    O:Peds and gangs are too weak

    P:Cops are stupid and dumb

    R:My version dosen't have sound (PC version)

    That's about everything

    Wow, A to R

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