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  1. 50 Cent/ Eminem/ Ca$his/ Lloyd Banks - You Don't Know\ Next in my rap series. RAP RULES
  2. Homer will probably make a ball-lifter thing and get hit by it like twice, saw that in the trailer. And probably use a battle-axe (double-sided axe) for getting into Lisa's room since he will probably think that her new door is a inperishable, titanium door.
  3. SOAD, since Vicinity Of Obcensity
  4. Play Diablo II:Lord Of Destruction and listen to Eminem: The Re-up
  5. Be "Meatwad's partner" if he has one, Meatwad ruled. WWYDI Your mom started doing a rap bussiness and was catching up to how good 50 Cent is. (Eminem is da best, and i mean it).
  6. Whoa! That's some major firepower you have there. And everyone should have f***ing XP. Theres 5 XPs in my family, and 1 Windows 98 (which my dad had, but never used for some gay reason)
  7. Shoot them with a Berreta 92FL. WWYDI you crapped in your pants in the start of a very important, 7-hour meeting?
  8. Sky's bleed Cars: Red & Orange colours mixed up on a Banshee, with hydraulics and 2 exhaust pipes. Clothes: Blue jackets & black jeans (leaders), yellow T-shirt with black pants & flames on them. (sub-leader), red hoody & green stubbies (regular members) Weapons (very powerful gang): MP5, Ak47, (leaders only) M60s. Business: Armed robberies, Theft, vandalisment. Location: Starfish Island, Vice City, near the mansions alot.
  9. Where do you get those bar sig things? You know the things like "BF1942 player" and "Windows Media Player User"
  10. Just asking. Mine has 256 MB Ram, P3 1 GHz, GeForce NIVIDIA 5200 and 64 Screen RAM
  11. Well. They would have to extract it. but extract in parts. like part 1 is maps. Part 2 is models. Part 3 is data. and so on. But you would have to do this undercover, since it's (i think) illegal.
  12. I prefer SA, because of the reason you guys don't Because of its graphics! VC's graphics looked shitballs!! VC only required 128 MBRAM and I have 2x. I want some Hi-res models for VC!!!!
  13. I've seen people play this game in another forum. Kinda like What would you do if? I'll start. You know you're a geek when you commit suicide because you deleted all your games.
  14. ^ WHAT THE f***!? WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT A WII? < Wants BattleField 2, and has BattleField 1942 v Is a BattleField fan
  15. because they rape girls in at the diary. Why do they rape girls in at the diary?
  16. i like these Blade 2 - Theme song Greenday - Holiday Eminem - Without me Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name Weird al Yankovic - White & nerdy Juno reactor vs Don Davis Crystal Method The pixies - Where is my mind Prodigy - Breathe Ozone - Numa Numa Rammstein - Amerika
  17. Because they hit their heads against cash registers. Why do they hit their heads against cash registers?
  18. ^ is completely wrong, I love Xbox < Will buy a gun for 1 mill dollars just to kill my mother v Is a fat iraqi
  19. I don't know? I don't really know what Drama is. WWYDI Elvis Presly was still alive?
  20. Steal a UFO WWYDI Eminem, AKA the greatest rapper in the world, turned bulletproof, fireproof, able to breathe under the water, and couldn't be destroyed by anything, and had everlasting life?
  21. Maybe make it go further? Like real life. If you aim at someone form a mile you would give your aim a 50/50 but with one of those, a 75/25
  22. If you want a flashlight so bad play Doom 3
  23. Sorry to bump Don't forget the bayonet! It's a knife you attach to your gun But the upgrading should be constant. It would be gay if you wasted like 10k on a gun and lost it with the upgrades. So the upgrades HAVE to be constant. So if you give an M4 2 barrels (example) it would stay like that. If either you cheat, find it, buy it. or whatever. I have a list Power-ups -Double or triple the barrel, more power and rapid -Extend firing clip, you can fire 10 more bullets before reloading. -Handgrip, for more accuracy, but will stop it from dual-weilding if it can. -Berserk(from Doom), Double or triple damage. -Speed, fires 2x rapidly -Longrange, fires 2x more in range. -One-shot to Semi-automatic, so guns like the sniper are Semi-automatic- -Semi-automactic to automatic, for bullet wasting and fast kills. -From automatic to ingram's automatic, The ingram fires very fast -From ingram's to Chaingun's auto, the chaingun is faster -No reload -Super strength (able to dual-weild the undual-weildable Item adding -Bayonet -Sniper scope -Lighter infront of the barrel, sets bullets on fire so they do more damage. -Regular laser, no scope. -Titanium bullets
  24. Well more things. Bodyguards should be as useful as possible! And if you lock on to something they shoot it for you. The game based on the movie "The Exorcist" Game has extremely high polygon count
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