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  1. Homer will probably make a ball-lifter thing and get hit by it like twice, saw that in the trailer. And probably use a battle-axe (double-sided axe) for getting into Lisa's room since he will probably think that her new door is a inperishable, titanium door.

  2. Sky's bleed

    Cars: Red & Orange colours mixed up on a Banshee, with hydraulics and 2 exhaust pipes.

    Clothes: Blue jackets & black jeans (leaders), yellow T-shirt with black pants & flames on them. (sub-leader), red hoody & green stubbies (regular members)

    Weapons (very powerful gang): MP5, Ak47, (leaders only) M60s.

    Business: Armed robberies, Theft, vandalisment.

    Location: Starfish Island, Vice City, near the mansions alot.

  3. Sorry to bump

    Don't forget the bayonet!

    It's a knife you attach to your gun

    But the upgrading should be constant. It would be gay if you wasted like 10k on a gun and lost it with the upgrades. So the upgrades HAVE to be constant. So if you give an M4 2 barrels (example) it would stay like that. If either you cheat, find it, buy it. or whatever.

    I have a list


    -Double or triple the barrel, more power and rapid

    -Extend firing clip, you can fire 10 more bullets before reloading.

    -Handgrip, for more accuracy, but will stop it from dual-weilding if it can.

    -Berserk(from Doom), Double or triple damage.

    -Speed, fires 2x rapidly

    -Longrange, fires 2x more in range.

    -One-shot to Semi-automatic, so guns like the sniper are Semi-automatic-

    -Semi-automactic to automatic, for bullet wasting and fast kills.

    -From automatic to ingram's automatic, The ingram fires very fast

    -From ingram's to Chaingun's auto, the chaingun is faster

    -No reload

    -Super strength (able to dual-weild the undual-weildable

    Item adding


    -Sniper scope

    -Lighter infront of the barrel, sets bullets on fire so they do more damage.

    -Regular laser, no scope.

    -Titanium bullets

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