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  1. Dark Lord

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello all new members.... Welcome to the forums.Stick around
  2. aur yahoo/msn pe aa re...

  3. bhag re... jhuti..

    and nah... abhi adhe GHANTE pehle aaya wapis... exam hai na 25th se...

  4. btw...wo mirror wala msg ekdum ghatia tha.. :|

  5. sorry re....was in train when you called... btw...time nai mila meko...kuch milne ka...wo saala evo phone nai utha raha tha... and then.. my trip for titvala was canceled... so..next time..probably late June we'll meet up :)

  6. gadheda...kutra...vandra...

    nai milna tha to naa boldeta...kamine... ja mai tere se baat nai karti...karta... w/e :|

  7. aaj raat ko... 3:40 ko train hai .. :(

  8. abe reply kar na...yahoo pe aa...m waiting..

  9. kamine...hota to hai nai chat pe...

  10. kutra...gadheda..reply kar ni.... :|

  11. good... call karkunga on the d-day, ke kaha milna hai..to aa payega na??

  12. aur ye tox ka answer meko bhi de.. :P

  13. 2nd and 6th dates ma kab aap sahib free ho batau... i wanna make plans b4 i leave..wo cousin 12th de raha hai..so no net,cable and shit where i am gonna stay...

  14. abhi 2nd se 6th may ke bich me kab free hai tuu?

  15. tune kehDIA to maine maanlia... :|

  16. haramkhor...jabhi tuu chahiye tab hota nai yahoo pe.. x-(. First date agla mahine aa raha huu mumbai just for a week.. PL chal rahe hai..isle relax(read: sex) karne... :)

  17. Dark Lord

    Rashon's Birthday

    Wonder why no one made a topic? Still, Happy Birthday to an 'ol LCF vet.Have a fucking blast today...
  18. Dark Lord

    Challenge to TOXIC !

    I so very wish that you would please understand the use of Post Editing.Saves the hassle of double-posts and copy-topics. Edit: And yea..Use the PM system for more detailed talks rather then posting a new post for every 4-lettered quiery.
  19. Dark Lord

    Userbar Tutorial !

    Yea.This one is much better and detailed. Nice for beginners to understand with all pictures.
  20. Dark Lord

    Happy Born day

    Happy Birthday..
  21. Dark Lord

    Userbar Tutorial !

    Pretty vauge.In fact you have directly used the resulting images.Instead you could have gone on in bit detail like how to select the ellipse using the marque tool. Also picturing the use of opacity reduction and the creation of the scanlines.Those people who DO know about these are bound to know how to make a userbar.Taget the audience which have just the basic knowledge of PS.
  22. i has to steal your rig. Plij.. :|

  23. Dark Lord

    Evo's request thread.

    <3 baby... Thanks a lot...soo tonight?
  24. gadheda...gai kale khava gayo hato...pachi pacho kem nahi aayo tuu?? :|