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  1. OMG!! Impressive. Personally, i was dying to see Vice City reviewed for the next GTA. But, this isnt anything less then that. Cant wait for this.
  2. Hai. Can anyone tell me where can i download the latest GTA. i am new here
  3. Hey all, its been a long time since i posted here I have a minor query about the Recovery Disk of a laptop. I just got a Lenovo y560p laptop. With a 500 gb hard-drive. It has a 420gb OS partition and the remaining 80 gb the recovery partition with drivers n stuff. Now, i can create a recovery disk from that rite? Now, the question is that once i create the recovery disk.I am going to create more partitions for data storage and ubuntu installation. So, if in the future, i use the recovery disk i created, will it format the whole hard drive and get me to the state it was when i created the disk. Or will it just format the default Windows OS partition and leave the rest of my partitions untouched? Some of my friends think that the recovery disk is kinda like a clone disk.So it will put the lappy HD back to the state it was when i created it.Hence, i might possible lose the other partitions n the data. So, does anyone has any idea about this? Or tried the recovery process..? Thank you. -JayD
  4. waka-waka.. exams :(

  5. 7yrs and going strong... Happy Birthday tgtap.
  6. oi FZ ke dewane.. zinda hai kya?

  7. oo yea.. i thin i got da speelin worng..!

  8. Happy Eid. So,the moon was visible the day before? I am not sure..
  9. Happy Birthday haramkhor... Phone karta.. par yaad nai tha :| Raat to karunga... free hua to..
  10. Yeah.As superhero said.Copy them to My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files. In case the slot is already taken replace the digit 1 from GTAVCsf1.b to an empty slot in your game(between 1-8)
  11. Huu mara badhaj Bhartiya bhai-banduo ne agvah karu chu ke teo ahiya aave ne aapdi rastra bhasha ma vaat kare.Khas kari ne Evo ane Toxic ne mate aa sandesho che. PS>Tamara bhabhi am,Ne tamara bhabhi tem!
  12. "Fishes Fed" does imply the total no of times you have drowned Tommy in-game. While "Stores Knocked-Off" imply to the no. to shops you have robbed.To rob a shop enter any shop(Like Ammunition , or Foot Plaza[i dont remember the name]) and aim your gun(has to be some semi-automatic or heavy gun.Pistols dont work i think) to the shopkeeper's head while standing right in front of him near the counter.After few seconds the store alarm will ring and you will start receiving some cash plus your wanted level will also increase.Now, run from the store and evade the police. Store Knocked Off.
  13. Woke up at 5 today due to the Solar Eclipse. Was a lil' cloudy but still.. was real fun watching two sunrises in one day.
  14. First thing. Stop propagating your religion. I have no idea why the fuck would i have to answer YOUR god after i die.Each religion has its own story of the creation of this universe.So practically you cant even say whether it was YOUR god who created this world or mine. Secondly there is no proof of the existence of heaven or hell(and even that 100 times heavier fire whatever :|).No one knows what happens after death.So stop your ignorant lines about Islam and its greatness.
  15. aah..nice manner...works perfectly if you want to end things in epic failure.. :)

  16. haha.. saale puch raha hai ki bata raha hai? Ques. mark kaiko lagaya?

  17. Happy Birthday Lee Get Drunk
  18. Strictly no discussion over No-CD Cracks and warez stuff! Closed
  19. Hello all new members.... Welcome to the forums.Stick around
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