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  1. Jimbaz06

    How Do I

    nice one guys got it sorted now cheers!
  2. Jimbaz06

    How Do I

    Is there a way i can change the amount of bullets you get with a shotgun when you buy it at ammu-nation because it gives you i think 14 each time you buy it and it takes ages to get loadsa bullets. I know i could use cheats to get guns but im trying to get 100% with no cheats at all Please help thanks!!!!!!!!
  3. Replace a pedestrian using IMGtool i think you need to replace like ped1, ped2 ect hope i helped
  4. Jimbaz06

    Big Bob Mod

    also normlly on the pic you get with the download mine had a circle where to get in and it was right at the front left on mine! try looking in the file you downloaded for a readme or a picture that shows you
  5. Jimbaz06

    Need Help Big Time

    keep trying www.gta-downloads.com they have them but they are reconstructing their site so you will need to wait for it to re-open they have all backup files im 100% sure cos i needed them myself and got them from there!
  6. Jimbaz06


    hey you should try download the san andreas no-cd crack then you dont need your disc to play the game if that doeasnt work try uninstalling any mods you added before it started crashing.
  7. Jimbaz06

    Another Subject I Need Help On Opening Save files

    ok first a box appears saying save open or cancell you need to click save. another box appears asking where you want to save the file to. save it into my documents. when you have done the above go to my documents and click the save file with you right mouse button and click copy. Now open gtasanandreas userfiles and click the right mouse button again. then click paste. when you have done this the file will show up as normal when you go to load. see not so hard really hope you do it ok and hope i helped!
  8. Jimbaz06

    All Theft Auto

    there is no simple way really but gta-downloads.com has files to help you do this and under maps the file to add librety and vice city is there
  9. Jimbaz06

    3 Things I Need Help For

    ok number 1 use whatever button it is to fire or the secondry fire one should work for bunny hops! number 2 when you brake keep hold of w for a stoppie and also hold brake. for wheelie accelerate and hold s that works. number 3 change them in veichle controlls as you would normally. hope this helps
  10. Jimbaz06

    Resident Evil

    www.gta-downloads.com but it is currently under construction when it is finished all mods will still be there including things like zombie peds ect hope you find what you want
  11. Jimbaz06


    i did that when i put lotsa cars in the hanger and when i loaded it they had all gone except 4 of them but if you dont save it and go back they stay there untill you restart game or switch it off
  12. Jimbaz06

    car name change

    hi i want to know if anyone can tell me how to change the names of cars to what i want them to be like if i changed the infurnus to a ferrari i want ferrari to come up when i enter the viechle. what tool do i need and is it complicated please help i would be real greatfull
  13. Jimbaz06

    Please Help! Main.Scm and script.img needed!

    Hi did you know if you go to www.gta-downloads.com they have a section with all files from san andreas including main.scm ect go to the home page then click sanandreas then backup files it will be on the left of the screen and you will need to scroll down to find it. i hope this helps sorry if not. p.s i dunno if the website is re-opened cos they were making it better if not then just keep going back
  14. Jimbaz06

    hi im new

    hi all im jimbaz (or jamie) i just joined this forum and would like to say hi to everyone and also ask if you know how to change the names of the cars in san andreas to what i want them to be?