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  1. Who do you think Grove Street are supposed to be, the Bloods or the Crips? I think they're supposed be Bloods because 1. They are named after a street, Grove Street(the Bloods were initially named Pirus, after Piru Street) 2. They're the smallest gang in LS(at the start of the game), and they are fighting with another set of the Families(like Sweet said:"Green blastin on green, that ain't no way to run the families!") 3. They are outnumbered, just like the Bloods are by the Crips, and there are only 3 Families sets(Grove Street Families, Temple Drive Families, Seville Boulevard families) 4. The Ballas are originally from Glen Park, just like the Compton Crips are from Kelly Park 5. The Ballas have territories in Verona Beach, just like the Crips in Long Beach
  2. D-Ice

    Whos your favorite charecter?

    CJ, Sweet - My favorite character Big Smoke, Maccer, Kent Paul, Ryder - funniest characters
  3. The most annoying gang is......... the Da Nang Boys
  4. D-Ice

    Who's life would you take?

    I'd like to be CJ
  5. D-Ice

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    My favorite are the hoods in LS
  6. D-Ice

    favorite weapon

    My favorite is the TEC9 and M4
  7. D-Ice

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    Radio Los Santos is my favorite
  8. D-Ice

    Most Boring Part of San Andreas

    The most boring part in SA is when I get stuck in the middle of nowhere(countryside or the desert), far from any road or vehicle, and I have to walk a long distance
  9. Well, actually I was talking about cars or bikes
  10. Is there any way to get in a vehcle as a passenger outside a mission?
  11. So where do I find this cache so I can delete it?
  12. The mod that I have doesn't involve replacing or modifying the main.scm, it replaces peds.ide and pedgrp.dat. BTW: What is the cache
  13. I already did that but they don't spawn. BTW: I already have a homie mod, it adds up fam4, fam5, fam6( some homies from a cutscene)
  14. I modified the textures of some peds in the game, so that their clothes are green(they represent Grove Street). How do I add them in the game?
  15. D-Ice

    All Theft Auto

    Well, there is GTA:LVS in thegtaplace downloads database