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    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas DFF Help

    Can someone help??? I need to know how to create dff files for sa. Is it possible using Google SketchUp PRO? i made 3d models of vehicles in SketchUp. The files are in .skp, some have been converted to .3ds. Is there anyway to convert the file to .dff using Google Sketchup?
  2. Woozie is the highest-paying, cool and modest guy in SA
  3. gtafansince1969

    Stunt vehicle

    Sorry, My bad. i was thinkin 'bout PCJ 600
  4. gtafansince1969

    Stunt vehicle

    I'd take the hydra/cheetah/freeway/nrg-600 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  5. gtafansince1969

    Best character Of Gta San Andreas

    Wu Zi Mu rocks cuz of his superior monetary value and skill, apart from being the leader of the Triads