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  1. USSR in 1991, turbulent times, a lot of possible missions, kool stuff, and communism
  2. these are the "ten easter eggs" no one has found all ten yet that i know of, i know a few have been found and formely posted around the net^^ somneone please find them all... i would but i dont have the game yet, i want it but ff12 comes b4 it...
  3. On the topic of fitting all of SA it would be possible, not due to compression or anything... scale is the keyword: everything must be rescaled, making all the terrain files, characters models and everything smaller in size on disk... also games can be run off of memory sticks, the only problem is securing the stick so people don’t wipe it and get a cheap stick with decent size; this can be solved in a multitude of ways; however these would require yet more of the redundant firmware updates. You may know take into account compression which grows exponentially (quite literally as file size is all based off of base 2 [we count in base ten]) from year to year. The only sacrifices would have to be a few features, and maybe storyline length. Their may be some people out their who don't agree with my analytical views
  4. thairs an underwear outfit!?! Awsome i nver saw that
  5. i have the html version as the homepage on my psp
  6. I found the new trailer (and so did anyone who gets the updates from r*, but i want to be the person getting the nice find, as i went ignored for one already. Im to lazy to link just go to the official site.
  7. dont forget memory sticks, they can be much bigger than umd's and if written right they cant be wiped (like certain floppies used to be) so they could juyst release it on a memory stick, hell the batterie would last longer. I mean sure they are expensive now, but they are fairly cheap to produce and thusly they could do it and not even have to raise the price. they would just have to be sure no one would be able to wipe the sticks and use em, kuz they would be fairly large sticks, maybe a new kind specificaly for this. (i am talking about fitting san andreas on a psp for the uninformed)
  8. i would like an oldies station^^ some led zeppelin, pink floyd,and queen.
  9. i had the ign videos posted right when they came out^^, id postr a link but their still near the top in the forum, under "media bloweout" and i'm tired and i have to go to a place of education (stupid school)
  10. two new trailers were released(one already posted on here) , go to ign to see them new trailers yay i got something first^^
  11. Romania why: no reason... Actualy communism set it at the end of the cummunist power it would be cool all the crime, the europeness, and its small so you could fit the whole place (i would like it to actualy be in usa or london)
  12. yeah it would be so much easier and i hate loosing all my guns
  13. cops that pull you over and fine you for misdameanors
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