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  1. I remember this place

  2. Check out my exclusive review of Max Payne 3 - http://www.grandtheftwiki.com/Max_Payne_3

    1. Huckleberry Pie

      Huckleberry Pie

      Was the PC version any good? I hope they did it right with optimizing things as LA Noire and IV's performance was way too meh.

    2. Ivan


      Man you're lucky : )

    3. Mike356


      you is lucky

  3. Check out my exclusive review of Max Payne 3 - www.grandtheftwiki.com/Max_Payne_3

  4. In New York with Rockstar to play Max Payne 3!

  5. Chris broke the forum again *sigh*

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    2. Chris


      Wasn't even me anyway. One of the database tables had locked.

    3. Gerard


      Sure, blame the tables :P

    4. JustADummy


      Slap SQL and it'll fix itself =)

  6. Unfortunately I didn't win, I came 2nd with 40% of the final votes. Thank you to everyone who did vote, and I hope you make sure the new team stick to all their promises!Full results: http://bit.ly/fwldR3

    1. Ivan


      Man, you were only one guy and had a lower budget so you did pretty good.

  7. Staffs student? The elections are coming up, so check out Change Staffs at www.ChangeStaffs.com

  8. It was all too good to be true.

  9. Do you want this forum to become active again?

  10. brb, upgrading

    1. Gerard


      Upgrade should be done - let me know if there are any problems!!

  11. Have a good one Sherbert!

  12. Not too much recoil - separate movements for cocking and firing, so its spread out a bit.

  13. You could pull both triggers, but they would be really really heavy. These GPs are bolt-action so you could only fire one round from each before going through the arduous process of recocking.

  14. Actually they're bolt-action - slower than a SMG but quite a bit more powerful

  15. Yeah, they're real SA80s - me having just spent half an hour taking them apart and cleaning them

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