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Status Updates posted by Rashon.

  1. Damn time flies

  2. Jeez, the nostagia though

  3. Wow, I haven't been here in a long time.

  4. TNF - I'ms good.

    S-V- I dunno.

  5. No need to fear... I'll be back in, uh, 4 days.

  6. Ooh, name change I sees.

  7. Lol. I wants to see.

  8. v Major comment spam.

  9. Hey, peoples.

  10. Ooh, I haven't looked at this in a long time.

    TM & GTA Don- Lol, thanks.

    Jake- I got all from GTA III to VCS. I played GTA 2, though.

    056- Bug off.

  11. @TM: The world can be cruel. :D

    @TFY: I do, but I don't use it much. It would be one of the worst e-mail addresses you've seen since my friend made it for me and he has bad spelling and bad creativity.

  12. That avatar, the way you act reminds me of someone who used to be on another forum if you know what I mean.

  13. His name's Paco

  14. Yep, I feel so lonely. It's been... 6 months.

    Anyway, I'm going good.

  15. You did it again? Seriously stop being an idiot. You copied the whole gang story and now you're the last person we'd accept into the LCF now.

  16. Why'd your dumbass make the gang at GTAForums? It's been there already plus, it won't last anyway since it's not YOUR gang.

  17. Your name, avatar, grammar, and the crap you put in the VCS section is dumb and idiotic. That's why me and some other apparent person rates you a 1. I usually don't do this but you're the one I really think is... something.

  18. Yeah, I know. Lol.

  19. Lol. I don't even remember rating your profile.

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