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  1. can you put cars in the The Old Abandoned Airstrip garage?
  2. edit: oops, i mean; my SA-MP keeps freezing, in 90% of all the SA-MP SERVERS
  3. im looking for the biggest! where is the biggest garage?
  4. i like the one in doherty, cause its close to the tuning garage. i dont like about that one, that you cant change clothes at that one. btw, what safe house has the biggest garage?
  5. i dont bother shopping either:P i aint a chick u know! hehe
  6. yeah ur all right... yeh there should be a gta 4 wishlist... and a mod wishlist (or vehicle wishlist and stuff) where u can request things...
  7. yeah... any1 know a video editor (a free one) adobe premier isnt free... (is it?)
  8. it would be cool if you had like a police escort so like when you drive around, 5 police cars will follow/escort you... or something i tried to make it, but i suck @ modding;/
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