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  1. Hey everyone , Im back (StuntX) after a long period of time without gta , is stopped using my pc. Now i have all three gta's and looking forward to number 4. I have a problem also - When i try to access some sections of the forum i get a 403 error and the pic of the hidden wall in liberty city.. Why ? Jx3 (stuntX)
  2. I dont no if this has been posted yet... But there has to be bikes , it confirms it in trailer2. Jx3. (StuntX)
  3. Your having a baby? (with your girlfriend) Congratulations , if your keeping it that is. All the best to you
  4. To be honest , i want to see Hot Fuzz and Ghost Rider. Im into action/comedy/horror films. And ofcourse the American Pie Series.
  5. Sometimes it gets me really annoyed , for example the wind blows my hair and my friend will go ' Ahh u look gay!!' When that happens it pisses me off because they dont understand what it is to be gay. Like jace said - I dont understand why people say you look gay because of what you wear. Is it because they think gay people aren't cool and are different , so there comparing you to them ? :S
  6. Im straight , and i've said in other relashionship/sexual topics that i love my girlfriend very much. I have absolutley nothing rong with gays , hell! One of my best friends at school is gay. I think when you look at a man , if you want to no if he's gay or not , watch the way he walks , listen to the way he talks. Then privatly ask him if he's gay. My friend Grant at school , he's two years older than me and he made it pretty blatant that he's gay , and he gets bullied at school by the year ahead of him (11/top grade in america). And i actually feel really sorry for him. These guys at my school asked him ' if he would 'actually take it up the rear , and he said ' if i had the chance to i would , but only with a boy that i really liked.' Then the guys asked him if his parents knew , my friend said yes. Then he said , well i dont like gay people in this school so you can f*** off. Thats when i had to interupt , luckily enough they didnt beat me up(i mean come on there 3 years older and atleast twice the size of me) and they just walked away. I then asked my friend if he was Ok , he told me that he was used to it from primary school and that he'd been using the same answers for those questions for many years and that he really took no notice. I myself thought what it would be like to be gay , and i just thought i'd stick to what i know and not to judge someone for thier sexual preferance. ^ Wow that was alot!^
  7. I've followed this topic from the start. As im only 13 i dont no alot about STDs. The most i hear about them is at school when people start beef and cussing eachother. I love my girlfriend very much , i told her that we can go as far as she wants. So far thats just sleeping in the same bed (not intercourse) and making out. To be honest i dont think its cool to not be a virgin , although some wanna-be boys at my school run a round going on about how they've had sex and blowjobs. I think its bullshit and lies. When i do have sex , i will use a condom. But overall im not that excited about it. I mean just having a girlfriend who actually means something to me is good enough.
  8. I vote The Burning Desire , although i think it would be better as Burning Desire...Loose The The. Either that or call it Unbreakable. < Thats just ownage.
  9. Round One SA Update. One Week Till Deadline. Currently In First = Gifted Misfit. Currently In Second = N/A Currently In Third - N/A
  10. Welcome To The San Andreas Stunting Challenges. (Note- San Andreas' Section is slightly different to Vice City's.) The userbar for San Andreas Winners will be like that for Round 1 only. Each round will have a different winner's userbar. Each challenge is one round. After the first 10 challenges , i will put all the replays into a small video named San Andreas : Season One TgtaP Stunt Challenges. All stunter's names will be in the frame. And all credit will go to stunters. Also , winning a challenge makes you a world (TgtaP) record holder. Runners up badges/userbars will also be created if wanted by the runner(s) up. Heres on for all you supporters: Pm me for the link. Round One. Get Stunting! Set By : Stunt X Type : Biggest Distance From A StairCase. Deadline: Top 3 will be automatically chosen as winners. No specific Date/Time. Other Rules: Send Replays WITH insane stunt popup included to me , via youtube. Winner:
  11. The New Collab. Around December last year myself and JayD , were talking about doing another collab. Now , we have decided to put this into place. All stunters are welcome and all feedback is too. You need to send skins and(if you have one) bike skins to the editor ; Who is currentley being discussed. Some graphics and userbars will be created by myself for advertising , once we decide on a name. Sign up Below. Confirmed Stunters: StuntX JayD - Anyone is welcome to join if you stunt in vice city , the more people we get the better. Thanks - StuntX
  12. I went to MTS2.com ( Mod The Sims 2). I got a bundle of cool hairs , long and short. Also a few houses and tutorials on how to glitch/cheat some cool housing effects (making objects merge , U/L shaped stairs and a ton of other cool stuff).
  13. http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/7702/ffcuserbarfr9.png http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/1097/stuntxfanmd3.png http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/2290/bu...tsl13fanll5.png http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/5595/funnyguydj7.png http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/6056/ne...ersonfanra5.png Just add the tags....
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