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  1. Naraku

    Favourite Oufit?

    I like his lawyer suit because it makes him looks need and professional.
  2. Naraku


    However, the only gain I got from it is that I got to see how it is like to see a helicopter with wheels and it looks very awesome with those wheels. One strange thing about those wheels is that they are for decorating purpose only and don't function on rolling at all. That's another thing for you guys to know about helicopter with wheels.
  3. Naraku

    Words that are hard to distinguish

    Man thanks guys. Now I fully understand what each word means in its own term.
  4. What is the difference between pride, ego and self-esteem? I have looked them up on the dictionary and they seem to share the same definition with each other, but I know they are somehow different from each other in term of meaning. Whoever would like to post words that they can't figure the difference between them, please feel free to do so as this is the opportunity for us to learn from each other in term of understanding better at English language. Thank you!
  5. Naraku


    I was excited about getting my helicopter tuffed into the Respray Garage and was pleased with the outcome of it that it paid off all of the hard works I had done in getting it tuffed in. So I decided to store back to my safehouse garage for permanent save on the brand new look of my helicopter with wheels. Once I had it stored back into the garage, I reopened the garage again to make sure that look will stay permanently in the game. Just at that point, it came back to its original form (meaning the helicopter had reversed back to being no-wheels again) except the new colour remained the same. From this moment, it had turned me down a lot because after all of the hard works I had done in going through the process of upgrading my helicopter for wheels end up getting NOTHING at all. Whoever haven't try this yet, please be advised that don't EVER bother to try this at all because in the end, you earn nothing out of it through investing all of your times and efforts on this, and as a result, you will end up being very disappointed from it like what I am experiencing right now.
  6. Naraku

    How do you fly the dodo?

    To the original poster, there is no dodo obtainable in this game and the only means to get it is by cheat device. I think you are mistaken this game as GTA 3, where that game has dodo available for you.
  7. Naraku

    PS3 Or Xbox 360?

    Obviously, Playstation 3 is better than Xbox 360, since Playstation is always the better than Xbox in many aspects.
  8. Naraku

    blown up heli

    The real question is how the hell could he be able to fly a blown up helicopter in the first place?
  9. Naraku

    Your fav mission?

    "Clash in the Cash" because it was challenging and you get to fight the guy with katanna at the end of the mission, which makes the overall mission remarkably fun.
  10. Naraku

    PS3 OR 360

    No doubt I would get PS3 for it over xbox 360 because I don't like the design of the controllers from xbox 360, where you have left stick and dpad switched on wrong position of the controllers.
  11. Naraku


    Nope they are not the same because technically it should be GTA: VC that is considered to be GTA 4; however, for some reasons, it wasn't considered to be GTA 4. Thus, GTA 4 is not yet to be made now and it will going to be released on PS3, which is suck for us PS2 owners.
  12. Naraku

    Vice City Stories on PS2 or PS3

    I really do hope GTA: VCS will come on PS2 instead of PS3 if it is going to be released on game console.
  13. You are dead wrong there. Just a while ago, I have managed to store another helicopter in the garage from Shoreside Vale using the same technique I had in storing from Staunton Island. Now I have officially two helicopters available in the game all thanks to the mission "The False Idols" of where I got those two helicopters from. WOOHOO OH YEAH BABY I TOTALLY ROCK NOW!!!
  14. I see. So basically I could just only save one helicopter in the game? Damn that would be suck!
  15. Naraku


    The only cost of getting the helicopter without cheats on Playstation 2 is to suffer the failure of the mission; however, I have found a way to succeed off the mission after getting the helicopter without cheats. Here is what you do as soon as you obtained the helicopter, you immediately fly over to Shoreside Vale until you get passed the welcome screen. At this point, notice that those two cars aren't moving at all on the map and the scale (I believe that once you go over to another island every moving object on the last island will stop and even the same case applies during the mission). Then fly over to the blue building back from the Staunton Island, where it is the destination point of where all these celebrities are heading for in the mission. As soon as you fly over there, quickly made a landing in front of the building and wait for those two celebrities to arrive. Upon their arrivals, they will get off the vehicles to enter the building, and this is where you go dispatch them quickly before they can reach to the entrance of the building. That's how you do it. Now you can obtain the helicopter without cheat and on the same token, complete the mission within one try! Neat huh!