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  1. Yeah WASHINTON D.C is nice trhen you can see the WHITEHOUSE or maybe will be called WHITE MANSION when you tresspassed in it a f***ing 6STAR will come!! even if you have a INFINITE LIFE CHEAT it won't work! POLICE, FBI, CIA, SECRET SERVICE, ARMY will f*** you up! with all those POLICE CRUISERS, BLACK SUBURBANS, CADILLACS, TANKS CHOPPERS will get your f***ing ass out! THEN AT A CERTAIN TIME you can wait for the limousine of the president. the black cadillac surrounded my POLICe motorcyles, police mobiles, black SUV's, black cars Secret service hanging on suv's as their entourage and convoys. and you cant destroy the Limousine whatver you do. its BOMB PROOF BULLET PROOF NUCLEAR PROOF GAS PROOF and all mothaf***ing proof. and yeah a 6STARS will get ya ass. UNCHEATABLE!!
  2. PURCHASABLE CARS!! when you get really RICH!! like all EXOTIC EURO CARS to AMERICAN BAD ASS SUV's And HOTRODS to ASIAN RACERS!! well maybe licensed is not a Rockstar thing...but maybe make them look as the original like in Getaway ADVANTAGES OF PURCHASABLE CARS -never dissapear on map. have a blip or steering wheel sign on map -cannot be stolen -doors are locked so police or enemies cant pull you out -when they blow up insurance will put them back on your garage -more Customization more RIMS -Detailed interior -bulletholes -can be made bulletproof but handling and speed will be affected -you can call your homies to drive it to your location then take over MORE MANSIONS TO BUY!!! with garage that can store your fettish for cars up to 15cars a Dock for your multi million YAcht a helipad swimming pool own billiard table usable furnitures like sitting and taking nap to regain life own Gun cabinet eating at your own fridge a bar for your expensive whiskey ABILITY TO DRINK ALCOHOL and SMOKE. from Cheap BEER to EXPENSIVE COGNAC from MARLBORO to CUBAN CIGAR -when your drunk i wish the visual will be wobbly like when your dizzy so that you cant drive well or DUI PURCHASABLE YACHTS from a fishing boat to a speedboat and to a multi million ultra luxury yacht like FERETTI with usable interiors just like home and Girls and bitches swimming around OH MY OTHER WISH IS ALREADY IMPOSSIBLE LIKE OWNING A PRIVATE JET coz GTA4 dont have MANUALY PILOT or AUTO PILOT. when aout pilot mode you can view the interior of the Jet the luxurious things around you HOMIES CAN DRIVE MORE BUSINESS AND ESTABLISHMENTS TO BE PURCHASED
  3. Well the fact about london is there is no Expose Poverty on the city. Unlike U.S even if it is a superpower there is still poverty and hardships.
  4. thanx for the compliment... yeah Licensed cars are not GTaish. but yeah i hope they will based them on my list mostly i hope. Imagine when you finished the Game you are a million bucks dude and living in a mansion at the top of the hill but still you are stealing cars from innocent pipz...why not buy using those millions what are they for if you cant use them on something. and imagine yourself resting in your leather couch or sofa while watching some of your favorite mpeg files or music videos or watch the pre recorded shows. Or maybe better on the PC version on Downloading on a Website for Tv shows intended for Gta?? I hope to see this in the future im not expecting them on gta4
  5. I want Appliances to be functional. Like stereo's Flatscreens, widescreens LCD's plasma's HiDef. With pre recorded Tv shows with permission with the network. In different kind of stations like -comedy ( david chappelle i wish) -talkshow and lateshow at night (oprah and Jay Leno at night) -cartoons (simpsons) -Drama (??) -Series (friends) -News (Gta news that will feature you with your latest crime that you did at the city) -Porn (girls gon wild by snoop) And with the PC version some Mpeg Viles i wish could be played mp4 And with your sound system with mp3 files I wish Nice detailed cars that looks a lot with the real one..That you can purchased and they can't bee seen anywhere on the road. or maybe Licensed better but i think licensed cars are not GTA thing. A purchased Car must -have insurance...so that when it blow up insurance will put it back to your garage. -cannot be stolen from you cos of anti theft doorlocks. -More Modification options for purchased cars. -more sex appeal -speedometer -spare tire when your flat by gunshots I wish there are cars purchasable like -Audi A8 -Audi R8 -bmw 750i -bmw 600i -mercedes s350 -mercedes sl55 amg -mercedes Mclaren Slr -aston martin db9 -bentley continental Gt or Flying spur -bentley arnage -cadillac Escalade -cadillac xlr-v -cadillac sts-v -chevrolet suburban -chevrolet corvette -chevrolet camaro 2008 -chrysler 300c -dodge Viper -dodge challengerhttp://autos.yahoo.com/newcars/future_cars/dodge_challenger_2008.html;_ylt=Aj.eTWksaJ4fXd8qiXCvcTcqhb8F -ferarri f430 -ferarri scaglieti -ferarri ENzo..before you can buy enzo you must first buy the two other ferarri's -Ford Expediton -Ford shelby gt500 -Ford gt -Gmc yukon denali -gmc yukon xl denali -hummer h2 -jaguar xj -jaguar xk -lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 -lamborgini gallardo -Land rover Rang rover supercahrged -lexus ls 460 -Lincoln Navigator -lincol mark LT -MAserati quatroporte -maserati gran sport -maybach 62s -maybach 57s -nissan armada -nissan 350z -porsche Carrera GT -porsche 911 turbo -rolls royce Phantom -Bugatti Veyron -Koenigsegg
  6. a gta name for Manila??? Probably Harbour city..or Baynila Also Macau dude is a nice location too...ive been there its booming like las vegas. the difference its not dry it is surronded by water Cotai strip.
  7. oooh the world ehh???? then what's next in Gta5 and gta6??? Gta5 the World and Mars..you can fly to mars and the moon? gta6 the galaxy? travel the whole galaxy?? hahahaha
  8. no customization please... It's also weird being in a afro american Gang if you look like a japanese guy or a chinese dude. or a girl courting boyfriends.
  9. thats the problem if its in london. No Crime activies that much and gangs maybe terrorist hiding on apartments
  10. manila Philippines! why? Because there is GLITZ and GLAMOUR and there is DARK SIDE povery, crime CRIMES here are.. Frome small time.. pickpockets, snatchers, robbers, extortionist, pimps drug pushing, theft, sidemirror gangs etc etc to BIG TIME syndicates protected by Big Politicians like Smugglers of drugs and electronics from Hongkong and china...Gun smuggling Drug Factories, Bank robberies, gun running NAme it we have it!!! from small time Streetgangsters living in the manila slums To big Time MObs and Politicians living in plush Mansions! The famous Sunset at MAnila BAY one of the ghetto's of MAnila where Poverty is everywhere
  11. the Famous and Unique Vehicles in the Manila and Philippines the Philippine JEEPNEY Philippine TRICYCLE Philippine PEDICAB
  12. the famous street of EDSA2 the revolution to overthrow the Corrupt president Erap Estrada 2001
  13. this is one of the few Ghetto's of manila! this where Streetgangs live and hide after their attack!
  14. crimes in manila??? oooh a lot! form small time Young street gangsters to bigtime chinese mobs from hongkong to big fat politicians and their private armies! Drug trafficing, smuggling, kidnapping pickpokets, snatchers, roberries NAme it we have it even Terrorist are hiding somewhere in manila
  15. homies can drive! and more homies can follow you at least 11 all in all there are the twelve of you! then they can drive and follow you where you go. 3cars i total
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