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  1. The only weapon you can get it's a pistol in your dormitory, but your gonna be expelled from the army, because your doing some missions to your sarge like get drugs and hookers and then they find you.
  2. You don't need 2.81, if you use the 2.XX -> 2.0 option in Devhook it will work, 2.81 it's the firmware that comes in VCS you don't need to upgrade Also you can change the version on the param.sfo inside PSP_GAME/SYSDIR.
  3. I started with GTa2 but the game that I got into GTa was VC.
  4. IDK if you guys know this but if your life bar its full and in the max, get a parachute and a plane, then go as high as possible, then press triangle and launch the parachute after you press triangle, then get rip of the parachute pressing triangle, when you fall in the ground you will still alive with 1% of life -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another one, on Los Santos beach, there is a closed store that says: "Son of a Beach T-Shirts 'n' Shit" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm playing right now...and happenned a weird thing to me...I was on the top of a building on Los Santos and I saw a plane that crashed on that building...weird uh? I never seen that before :S My game is being crazy...much cars are going against the walls...I didn't used that weird cheat code that makes everything going crazy. Another plane crashed, this time on a bridge. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On CJ's house at Los Santos, the first one (in the beggining of the game), at the ground floor, there are some magazines (at the left side when you enter the house) look at the bikes and then at the cars one, it says: "69 something here (cant understand)" also there is one Rogue there. Still on CJ's house, go to the kitchen, look at some bootles with a black paper, it have R* symbol on it.
  5. That is just a game...when they shoot you once you can't still walk perfectly Also in the beggining hard stuff to do...it's impossible to us :S
  6. I like the white in the box...also the images are good except the red car in it
  7. WTF is that...seems two cars one over the other :S
  8. The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade, awsome!
  9. Car: Turismo Bike: NRG 500 Boat: Jetmax Helicopter: Hunter (I beleive the name is the same as VC) Plane: Hydra
  10. Car: Infernus Bike: PCJ-600 Boat: Jetmax Helicopter: Hunter
  11. Rocket Launcher...I like to see people flying xD
  12. Well I like to kill everyone... But the golfers are awsome to kill
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