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  1. did you model the player models and car models? cause they were the best thing in my opinion.
  2. well best name, im a contender Best skateboarder aswell, best musician, best gfx and best 3d art?
  3. this really sucks but.. is weird lol.. if i leave a site im not gona simply remove my mods from it? just have more than 1 link for them.
  4. thought i would post a topic here about the mod, a mod me n Futurama_freak1 have bee working on since the start of the year.. its like.. 40% done? prolly less but thats cause we have big plans Lol PedRising a zombie mod, the team Futurama_Freak1 - original idea, Head developer Flat Face - Head developer AJ colins - Hosting TripleAs - Major contribution. Many voice actors including, DJBOI (alan woods), Izzie (my girlfriend), Futurama_freak1 and more. This is a total conversion for Vice City, it replaces Vice City with a cool deadrising like game. Current status *around* 45% Website - www.pedrising.com images and some videos there, search youtube for more hidden videos. any questions related to the mod contact me at [email protected]
  5. most awesome, best name containing flat, most helpful, best modder, best stunter VC :) duno.,... can't think of any others.
  6. copy your gtavc.dat file and rename it VCMP.dat or w/e the VCMP dat is called and back up your other one, it should work in MP then.
  7. infernus doesn't sound like Lamborghini to me... start complaining about that.
  8. oh yeah, its already up for download. forgot to add the new nades but still www.gta4mods.com/mods for the mod
  9. not the best forum to ask on mate, try gtaf. this place has some awesome modders but the chance of them seeing this let alone trying are pretty slim.
  10. oh ok heres an example of paro at work, one day he makes this http://tof.canardpc.com/view/a97f583c-13d1...c3098c3e347.jpg then the next day he decided to do a little more work. http://tof.canardpc.com/view/eb98539e-783c...8ab35809da0.jpg http://tof.canardpc.com/view/ca649b3f-56ea...d98e2110baa.jpg EDIT: the next day... 0_0 http://tof.canardpc.com/view/1d41a801-1712...1099b2f7d47.jpg http://tof.canardpc.com/view/263c3454-04c7...0d15d0fd85a.jpg http://tof.canardpc.com/view/db471843-d1fd...705447da5ca.jpg he is my god.
  11. im not 100% sure he would know how though, use steveM's col editor (2) and open the vehicle.col in VC > models > coll then ctrl f and find manana then right click, select copy then right click on the copy and choose rename then rename it to blistac, if you didn't know already then i hope that helps.
  12. download ggmm (gta garage mod manager) find the elegy and click manually install a mod, then replace the txd with the txd, the dff with the dff then click save or install or w/e it has and then your done i hate ggmm myself but its the easiest way for a beginner. (also leave all the other fields, spaces etc blank.)
  13. Paroxum, a guy im just getting to know now, he pretty much made the 1st Gostowns single handedly, made a bunch of awesome tutorials and so many other things. JVC makes good txd's? i reckon im better than him with txd's. (not dissing him but i don't see what he's done thats so great.)
  14. yeah i used to speak like that but now that im actually trying to speak a lil better its very annoying.
  15. um... STOP DISCUSSING WAREZ OVER THE FORUMS.. I FUCKING SAID THAT 1 POST .. maybe 2.. AGO!.. _<__<_<<_<<<<<< ALSO BIG POSTSS CONTAINING SIMPLY PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEWSEEHUKRJDFSSSJDFNDFSNJFS!!!!! etc makes people go NKFNJDFSGJNJD!~!!!!! annoyed!!!!! >_>_><_><__>_><_><___>>>_>>_>>>>>>>>>>>>> if you want to discuss warez, stealing programs etc.. then use the bloody PM system. EDIT: and if you want to discuss your current stolen program say its the trial program.. it saves the forum your taling on.. alot of trouble.
  16. hopefuly one of the gta3 beta mods includes all this shit, including killing children.. fuck i hate children.
  17. well i have Zmod but i never use it, i opened it once.. lol.. wait no twice... but i can't make shapes in it and i preffer max.. its a cracked version so i duno where to get it plus i can't post where here. i have max 9, again can't say where to get it.
  18. im going to introduce you to a little tool i like to call "Google" www.google.com pretty new/amazing site. yes 3ds max takes a while but.. its not even the size of a movie, its 500mb's
  19. ok but when i try to save from my adobe photoshop cs3 id daint have this png. then how??????? n wats alpha ,bmp 64 ......... blah blah blah! ???? whas it? and i read that thing a hundred times! you wont understand untill you use the programs, an try googling "differen't types of bmp images" it might help you with the 64 32 etc and also google "alpha image's" EDIT: and for the photoshop problem, just add .png after the name i didn't see it in the list ages ago when i tried Photoshop either but just typing .png rather than selecting a filetype by hand works.
  20. so you were able to use the mod but not make your own? you need to have the main image as PNG and the Alpha and BMP 64 bit or 32 bit. not sure but yeah. also check my post above your last, thats what i mean by skinning.
  21. yes actually it is, the Zmodeler for VC is free but the one for SA isn't though he wants to mod VC, you can also download Gmax which is free and kinda like 3ds max though i've never used it, i use 3ds max and Zmod but 3ds is just 1000x better than the rest imo, you can edit players, vehicles, maps, animations, map animations for SA and many other things. BUT like i said, you should get into skinning 1st. Some Skins i've made - This won me the gtas Skinning league, is a car from nfs converted to VC then skinned by me. heres one i made for myself last year but i still use it in stunt videos simply because its sex And this one i made for a friend at gtas Apex. so you can see skins can be pretty nice though its not easy. also im one of the better skinners and i've been at it for a while so don't compare your skins, my philosophy is if your happy with it, then its good EDIT: just found this pic, i really like this bike but no one else seems to :/
  22. the best way to get into modding and the way i did it was learn to make car and bike skins, download txdworshop from here and spooky's img tool then use the imgtool to open the gta3.img in the models folder then search for infernus.txd and pcj600.txd then extract them, open them using txdworkshop and extract the images you want to edit, body, interior, engine etc use photoshop or the gimp or even paint (i started in paint) to edit them, save them to png and import them back into the txd then use the imgtool to import your new txd and delete the old one from the img, make sure its named correctly, if your deleting the pcj600.txd and putting in a new one then it can't be pcj.txd i must be pcj600.txd. then go ingame and find one and you'll see your new skin. (a tip, go into carcos.dat and replace the vehicle your editing with "vehicle-name 1,1" so it shows up as white and you see exactly what you've made. theres high demand for skinners at www.gtastunting.net/forums though that place is full of ass holes. final tip, make sure you back up what ever you edit incase you do something wrong. and if you do like that and get good at it, you'll prolly find out about other programs over time but, 3ds max and Zmodeler are the most commenly used ones to make gta models oh and google sketchup sometimes.
  23. Its ok Londy i spoke to the creators and they don't seem to mind this so, its a good tutorial. Unless your a stunter then this mod is useless to you. *just a statement to other people who like the look of it but aren't sure whether to download.*
  24. ??? lmfao!!! can you post a link to his channel, i wana see if he got it working.
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