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  1. Mercedes

    Vice City

    Probally u finish alled the missions.Try Cortezes missions. If u want more money buy the places(Diaz's mansion, Malibu.Strip Club etc.) in front of thoose places u bought there will be this little pink thingy and when u walk 2 it u will get the money. (if ur wondering how 2 get more money). If u r bored try finishing the 100%.(but u will not get money 4 that).
  2. Mercedes

    ghost town

    I've heard of Ghost Town too. Peopkle say that the only way to get to that place is with a DoDo.Is it true?I tried using a DoDo and it's a peace of shit.It wouldn't even fly good. Anyways I'm not a profeshionalDoDo flyer. Everytime when I use a DoDo it slows down and it falls into the ground or to the water or either it crashes and breaks.How far is Ghost Town that is what i'm wondering about? If u try to get to Ghost Town the only way is either the DoDo or a Mod. It's pretty hard to get there cuz I can't so it would probally be easier to go to that place with a profeshional DoDo flyer. Trust me. U should know how hard it is to fly a DoDo.
  3. Mercedes

    Flying in the dodo plane

    Yo I own that game and I gotten problems too. People say when u use the DoDo u can fly to Ghost Town or Ghost City whatever it's called. It's pretty hard flying it. My bro (tommy vercetti guy) says that it's pretty easy to fly a DoDo. I don't really belive him. U prob mite have to press up and down alot cuz I tried that and it made me go in the air for 27 seconds.
  4. Mercedes

    Bullet Proof car

    well there's a everything prof admiral in the mission Gardian Angels.And a bullet prof fire prof and explosion prof um... sabre turbo in the mission The Driver
  5. Mercedes


    well.... u can't, but u can get incoming calls.
  6. Mercedes

    Help with boats

    Hi I'm New to this place , So is it just me,or is gettin on a boat in any GTA be sides SA a life threating situation? Cuz when I get off a boat and try to get on land I always sink to the bottom like a stone. I was wondering if anybody else has these problems ?