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  1. nirve

    Bullet Proof car

    I got the bp/dp admiral but i have to check if its ep and fp.
  2. nirve

    Bullet Proof car

    What bullet proof cars can i get in Vice City?
  3. nirve

    Word Association

  4. nirve


    I have the double pack. Im just gona start a new game or see if any of my friends got 100%.
  5. nirve


    I used that one twice that day. I spawned two Romero's Hearse cause i wanted to jump over them on my bike.
  6. nirve

    Bigger Genius.

    I've heard about his other ones. But they can never stick to my head. I rember the cat in the hat best.
  7. nirve

    fave sport

    Baseball, I love just the whole feeling and atmoshpere it gives off.
  8. nirve


    Thats good I want to get those body gaurds.
  9. nirve

    Favorite Movies

    Scarface is my favorite movie of all times. I've seen it more that 50 times. I got 5 Scarface posters in my room and anniversary edition dvd. Other movies i liked were: -The Matrix 1-3 -Paid in full -Donnie Brasco -Wild Style -Style Wars -Casino -Goodfellas -Full Metal Jacket -Black Hawk Down -Predator -Malcom X
  10. nirve

    Do you have plans for college

    Im undecided if im going to college. I go to a tech school so when i get out ill be a trained aviation mechanic.
  11. nirve

    Bigger Genius.

    Disney is the bigger genius his charecters are all memorable. Seuss only has the cat in the hat.
  12. nirve


    I used some health cheats, armor cheats, and weapon cheats.
  13. nirve

    Bigger Genius.

    I agree with that. The guys made a fortune.
  14. nirve

    Word Association

  15. nirve


    I've used a couple of cheats does that mean even if i do everything i still wont get 100%.