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  1. nice to see my old friends still kickin ass. and in a related story once i can be arsed 2 re install SA and all the needed mods i will be joining the guys for a much more extended period.
  2. oh sure, Ghost gets all the credit. i did most of those stunts. just cos i don't edit it i get nothing? well thats just grand.
  3. Engel


    i would do it but all girls in mw town are the biggest chavs in the UK. and i don't do chavs.
  4. just thought i would drop by and say hi.

  5. Just dropping by for HI!

  6. it was fantasic. sorry for a short post as i can't think of anything else to say. oh wait... i just did.
  7. no problem dude. if you need any more help with GTA, just PM me, or contact me on windows live messenger.
  8. and the code for the safe is 8423.
  9. FileFront would be a good place to put it.
  10. it was great. nice work Slayer.
  11. we are not trying to prove that we are the best. we are just trying to make an impact. so stop bothering us.
  12. Slayer is right, here's my opinion on Amped 2... it sucks big stylee
  13. so you should be. damn spammers
  14. it's been dreadful in lincolnshire UK, i've seen bits of roof stabbed in the ground, i saw a tree fall over, and i even saw a car tip over! thank god it's almost over.
  15. Godfather is right. but we are really trying to get GLS known. we are even placing the web adress in the end of our vids.
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