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  1. Happy B-Day man

  2. 940Turbo

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    My favourite is the Doherty garage in SF, mainly because its a large garage there and the TF right across the street, and not far to WAA mod shop. Practical when installing new cars. I like SF also because of all the hills and stuff, hard to pinpoint but SF is the thing for me.
  3. 940Turbo

    Hot Coffee and the speed meter

    Why do you need a NoCD-crack ????
  4. 940Turbo

    range rover roof-rack installation

    I tried to contact him but got no answer. I've seen on a site that it's VERY hard to get it to work correct, so I'll just continue asking around on forums.
  5. 940Turbo

    range rover roof-rack installation

    yes thats correct, but the game crashes when i choose the roofrack.
  6. 940Turbo


    this works good enough for me : W for throttle S for less throttle A and D pitch sideways UP arrow for dive DOWN arrow for up LEFT RIGHT arrows same as A and D
  7. Does anyone in here install the 1990 RangeRover and got the roofrack installed properly ?? I've tried so many times now, I'm almost sick of it, but the RR looks so good in game I want that to work. The "read me" file is in russian only and I dont understand a single bit of it. I've tried to translate it on different translation sites but ... well the words are english but some of doesn't make any sense at all. Here's the link to the car : RangeRover on gta worldmods If you can tell me step by step how to install the rack I would be VERY grateful. // Jonas
  8. 940Turbo

    Saved Game Download problems :'(

    Thanks mate ! Needed a kick in the butt to get the brain going Found a working Savegame here on GTAPlace, just needed to read ALL the words in downloads-section.
  9. 940Turbo

    Saved Game Download problems :'(

    Looks that way. But the Downgrader said that my version could be patched, maybe the downgrader doesn't work properly on some versions of V2.
  10. 940Turbo

    Saved Game Download problems :'(

    I have the same problem. After downgrading the game crashes when trying to load a V1 save game. Is there any 100% savgames made in V2 out there ??
  11. 940Turbo

    Downgrade SA v2 -> v1

    I just got the downgrader and game works fine, except that the 100% savegames doesnt work anymore. Is this a known problem or is it just me ??
  12. 940Turbo

    Why are we still playing SA

    Ooops, I meant a -70 Challenger, that's what Viggo drives in that movie. I have a -70 Charger installed too You should check these sites : GTA Inside (over 1200 cars) GTA-Worldmods (over 1400 cars) I don't remember which one I downloaded the Charger from. GTA-worldmods are almost always quicker with new releases, and most of the cars on worldmods are also on GTAinside. So if you´re looking for a car check both sites ! And remember to check if there's more than one version of the car, there are in many cases several versions of the same model. Both sites have a search-function.
  13. 940Turbo

    original handling.cfg

    OK thanks! I forgot to search, me stoopid
  14. 940Turbo

    help with installing extra carparts.

    Thanks, but I don't think I got any wiser now. I've downloaded a gxt-editor from GTATools.com, and there's only 2 windows and there's no menu choice "Add". In this editor i can only cut/paste/copy that's all. Do I need another editor? Which do you recommend in that case? // Jonas - 940turbo
  15. 940Turbo

    original handling.cfg

    Can't someone just give me the original YARDIE-line ?? I need it very much, and don't want to reinstall the whole game again just for that line.