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  1. Im never going to smoke.Every afternoon after school heaps of kids take a detour down into a tunnel which leads to the train station so they dont get caught by the teachers.You should see some of th pics they put on the packets now. one has a foot rooting of Gang Grene and another with a pic of mouth cancer.
  2. It costs $1000 dollars here (Australia) and i'm around $700 short of it.
  3. hey i wanted to know how u know u've got wi fi cause my psp says lookings for hosts and nothing comes up. does it just take ages or dont i have wi fi
  4. by the way i forgot to mention the building in downtown
  5. Just wondering if any ones found this but when your heading to prawn island from the second island stop in the middle of the bridge and use your sniper rifle to zoom up to the building on the left (next to the one with the two pink stripes) and there will be a rockstar sign on top.
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