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  1. Speed?

    Another stupid, useless and dumb question: Do girls actually like giving a BJ, or is it just in the hope they'll get something back or somethin'?

    well you can't generalize, I can speak for myself and I say I enjoy giving blowjob only if I care about the other person and I'm extremly happy to see him happy, but imagine that the deep throat gives puking sensation so you can't say thats a nice feeling. I also don't like anal sex but I do it to please him but maybe some girls like it...

    well... I'm very crazy about him and I do whatever he wants :)

  2. Not really anymore actually..

    Anyway, back to it.

    Isn't masturbating for girls not a pain? If I'm not mistaken it takes damn long.

    well it also can be short :)

  3. I'd been with a guy younger than me, and he was virgin and pretty nervous that first time...but after he took some time it was ok, so it will work out for anybody, I'm sure ^_^

    PS. and I have some more sexy pics, they're topless. I'll post them later

  4. Haha, nice story kokane, how romantic. :P Guess you have a pretty wild sex life.

    Too right having sex in the elevator :thumbsup:

    A bit crazy though you could have waited now you knew the guy

    Some people just don't, and I have no comments on that.

    It's in the eyes.

    Haha, nicely said though I liek the kokane stories.

    But really kokane, that easy for you to have sex with someone? Anyway, good/fun story.

    when i really want that, yes, i have to admit i didnt expect it that night but when i got the opportunity i told him i'll do everything he wants and asks and it wasnt just one night stand, we keep seeing each other :)

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