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  1. Wow, that has to be the most bloated MySpace profile ever.
  2. I'll just quote this from PS3Forums.com where I originally posted it. Never again, Amazon.ca/Canada Post. Never again. http://www.ps3forums.com/showthread.php?t=136892
  3. I'm going to drive around like a mad idiot and explore Liberty City... Actually first I'm going to have to survive through the install.
  4. What are the dangers of saving when a cheat is enabled (PS3)?
  5. My wrists get extremely sore if I use the PS3 controller with racing games that use R2/L2 for acceleration/brake... do you think Grand Theft Auto IV will use those triggers for driving or do you think there will be another controller layout? I'd like to see a similar layout to that of previous GTA games...
  6. Which Grand Theft Auto game do you think is the most difficult so far and why?
  7. I'm playing World of Warcraft and Burnout Paradise.
  8. I'd rather them re-do Hot Pursuit 2 with better graphics and more courses and vehicles then have another Underground type game. I agree. I wish they'd go back to the roots of the series and build a Need For Speed game that's actually good. I liked Underground (1) but from then on, the series went on a constant downfall.
  9. Graphics aren't everything and the Grand Theft Auto series has showcased that. I'd rather see more missions and better-tuned gameplay than amazing graphics.
  10. I'd like to see a totally revamped (new streets, totally new layout but same concept) Vice City. Bright lights, Florida-style... maybe they could model Miami more realistically.
  11. The more information, the better. I'm so hyped for GTA IV!
  12. That would be the San Andreas controversy all over again.
  13. Welcome to everyone that introduced themselves in this thread recently.
  14. "The news everyone has been waiting to hear!"? Maximum XBOX fanboyism. That article was just 100% fanboy trash too. Don't say I'm jealous or I'm a PS3 fanboy either - I have a Wii, PS3 and XBOX 360 and I like them both but I'm sick of all this PS3 bashing.
  15. I know a few forums on the internet that this thread would cause an automatic flame war in. At least it's more civil here.
  16. My PS3 and I have been waiting for this moment for months now.
  17. I liked the preview by Kikizo too. They mentioned a release in April...
  18. It's going to happen 2pm here... ugh... an hour to wait until school ends to rush home and check out the previews.
  19. I expect MAJOR server load problems with some of the larger gaming sites like IGN and Gamespot and a large spike in activity on GTA forums too tomorrow. You can quote me when you get a "Connection to server timed out" message on some big site with all the info. If anyone remembers when Messenger Plus Live! was released... yeah.
  20. Whoa, making a sarcastic comment about Jack Thompson meant that I actually acknowledged this as the truth and not just a rumor? Give me a break.I read the entire article. I read the part that said it was a rumor and I wasn't "ignorant to fact that it was a simple rumor". Telling someone that they aren't using correct grammar after complaining about that person mentioning your capitalization is a little ironic too.
  21. I wish Rockstar would give us some new information for once. I'm so hyped for GTA IV.
  22. I'm not holding my breath until we get an official announcement from Rockstar themselves.
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