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  1. toxic546

    Downloadable Content Wishlist

    Customizable cars, new cheats like no cops, low gravity etc... and the ability to use them in private free roam matches.
  2. toxic546

    Where are the children in GTA IV?!

    Seek help now.
  3. toxic546

    Blood Brothers

    Apparently none of you noobs have heard of spoilers
  4. http://www.myspace.com/scottalexander_no1
  5. toxic546

    Story missions don't advance

    You have to let more ingame time progess, go to your hotel and sleep for a few days
  6. toxic546

    Stuck Without Missions

    You've probably missed one of the missions that involves going on the internet and emailing somebody
  7. toxic546

    Last Mission

    You're supposed to get hit by the rocket, it's a scripted event, you just need to hang in there and keep flying, eventually a cutscene happens.
  8. toxic546

    Deconstruction for Beginners

    Here's what I do, I go around the LEFT side of the building, I get on the helicopter platform, then I snipe the 2ND last guy, then the last guy appears and he's running towards me, and I just shoot him.
  9. toxic546

    Niko Bellic going to San Andreas?

    CJ 30? What are you smoking
  10. toxic546

    Never Happy.....

    The problem is people sit on their computers all day before the game is launched, reading about it and building it up in their heads to be something that no game can be.
  11. toxic546

    Driving in GTA IV

    This is truth. IMO the only people bashing this games driving is kids who have never driven a real car, or a fast one at least.
  12. toxic546

    Who thinks GTA 4 is abit of a let down?

    The problem with you is you expect way too much from a game. It has easily 40+ hours of gameplay, you beat it... you buy a new game.
  13. toxic546

    Little Jacob Mission

    Hrmm maybe you just need to improve your driving skills since you've just begun the game? It was extremely easy for me, you just go left once you get in the car and up a few streets.
  14. toxic546


    :/ There are infernus's everywhere in my game