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  1. GTA4 should run flawlessly with those specs. The specs required to run GTA games have always been below the specs of top of the line PC's so I don't see why GTA4 should be any different. If R* wants maximize their profits, they're smart to make the game playable on PC's that are a couple years old. Here's the keyboard I use: I'm never going back to the typical keyboard/mouse setup that pretty much everyone else uses. This allows me sit back in my chair and not have to sit-up to use the mouse like the rest of you. The only thiing better would be if it were wireless, then I can play while laying on my bed. And having the mouse touchpad right under the arrow keys is very advantagous when playing GTA. When I was looking for this picture I found one of these on sale here on E-Bay. The starting bid is $9.99.
  2. Heat84

    GTA: San Andreas Released in Japan

    I'm sure there were plenty of people in Japan playing it the same time we were. :wink:
  3. Heat84

    Stand Up For Your Country!

    There's already been a GTA set where I live. I live South Florida. I wish it would've be as realistic as SA though. I dont think there were any buldings in VC that were actually in South Florida. Like the pointy building in San Feiro that's based on the real one in San Francisco. But at least the musc was kick ass (the best music of all GTA"s IMO). Speaking of realism, there should've been Hurricanes in VC and Earthquakes in SA. That would've been awsome! How can you name a game after a fault line and not have earthquakes in it anyway? Hey how about GTA in space? Nah, that would be like a bad movie sequel.
  4. Heat84

    Food in GTA 4

    If you want food to be more realistic than maybe they should go all they way and and have you have to go to the bathroom in a game. OK Just kiddng. Has that ever been done in a game before? Maybe the Sims? I've never played those games but I've heard how realistic they are.
  5. Heat84

    Pets in GTA

    There's gonna be nuclear bombs in GTA4??????? I hope if there's gonna be animal killing theres not gonna be animal suffering sounds. I might possibly be able to kill video game animals but not if I hear them suffering. That's just too much. I remember hunting in Oregon Trail and I didn't like that very much.
  6. You got ripped off dude. I paid $37 for 512MB 2 years ago. So buying a gig back then would have cost lest than half of what you paid. Although I paid $58 for 512MB of PC133 RAM for someone else's older computer a few months ago. Maybe you were upgrading an old computer? Who ever said the game would be released on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray: I don't know about that. Capacity-wise its probably sensible since the game'll probably be 10GB or more, but will these formats be the standard in a year? Maybe they will I don't know. Games are still released CD's today so it stands to reason even if they do release the game on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray they'll still release it on DVD. Maybe they'll even release the game on 15 CD's or 7 million floppy disks.
  7. Heat84

    GTA4 Information Round-up

    What about the new dual core CPU's and the spanking new quad cores? Won't they run PS2/3, and Xbox/Xbox360 emulators any better? Although it makes no difference to me since if I ever get around to upgrading my PC, they'll either be up to 16 or 32 cores or more likley a whole new CPU architecture. A 32 core CPU . I bet the name would be even more . Do you think its too early to pre-order the PC version? I know it'll probably be a year 'til it comes out but I got a game for Christmas that I don't like and can't decide which game to exchange it for. So I was thinking I'd exchange it for credit towards GTA4 instead. I ask this half kiddingly because the guy (or girl) behind the counter at the game store would probabbly laugh at me so I probabbly won't do it. I don't even know if I can exchange it because its been over a month since the game was bought. (12/22/06). They (EB Games/Game Stop) have a 30 day return policy for internet purchases. They didn't mention a time limit for store purchases so I assume there is none. Speaking of exchanges, the person who gave me this gift included the receipt with it. They do that with all their gifts. Is that weird? I think its sensible but maybe a little weird, although lucky for me in this case since I'll probably be exchanging it.