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    chillin with mates, playin computer games, spendin time with my maltese cousins and friends

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  1. haha banned! u noob!

  2. shame about the 360 tho, ps2, psp + ps3 ftw

  3. thanx 4 the bday wishes! u a utd supporter too? well in m8

  4. hey happy birthday!

  5. Ey man, you never gonna see this. But happy birthday anyways. I'll probably have seen you by the time you read this but who cares. And you ARE gonna smoke that whole cigar!

  6. Planes are f***ing fun ! Rockstar are f***ing idios not putting planes in , f***ing picks. I might as well not buy gta4 and just play san andreas. Also if they dont include anthor city then that a big step back also stuff like we wont include the countryside why that was really fun and afther completeing the game how boring is that going to be no planes. also rockstar say that we are bring realism to the game i dont gave a f*** about realism that what gta games are not about ! and who can trust Game Informer ? not havin planes aint so bad it jus means u gotta drive around more, just dont crash as much and you'll b fine. however i do agree with you on the another city thing. if they dont add another city i will very dissapionted but heres hoping eh?
  7. Everybody welcome W33l33 Enjoy the forums. thanx jace
  8. I'll probably fill that in with whatever idea I go with. Cheats? The water level will definately make a return. In the same form? Possibly. I plan for some vehicle setups, ped setups.. and a few more.. secret things surely do it from ceasars POV where he and kendl get married have kids and stuff and he has to chose between his family and his gang which comprise of like childhood friends...
  9. yeah and what? what the hell has that got to do with anything. congratulations i think you have just found the weakest argument in the whole world have a complementary medal
  10. i'm sorry but how is w33l33 a geeky alias?
  11. damn right! which one do you rate is the hottest?
  12. this is to evry1 readin this, who is your fav wrestler (man/woman/smackdown/raw)
  13. for me it has to be las venturas coz of all the csinos and nice cars drivin around evrywhere. i see where you're comin from tho with SF as it is well ez 2 lose the cops in SF but for me it's LV
  14. so wot ur sayin is that the feds in carcer city will be well good akin it harder to get away to a safehouse or pay n spray
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