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  1. Doesn't he also say at the beginning of the trailer something along the lines of ::EVERYONE is looking for that "Special Someone"::
  2. Riding on the back of a dolphin, going fishing, catching turtles, buried treasure from sunken pirate ships, titanic, lost city of atlantis, scuba diving, submarines, whales, seals, jelly fish that can actually harm you, sail boats, para-sailing, surfing, people swimming in the water (could also include them getting eaten by sharks if they put them in the game)... Possibly a life guard side mission too... The options for the water can go on and on... I personally would like to see the blood in the water if you got shot while swimming or bitten by a shark... Getting sucked into the propellers of a big ship was a good idea... Hell, making the beaches/shores of New York more realistic would be cool as well... Crabs and Hermits crawling in the sand, starfish getting washed ashore, etc... One last thought, depending on how far out they allow us to swim, we could see some ice burghs and some small islands to explore.. Imagine swimming upon a deserted island seeing some hobo out there laying up against a tree lol... They can even put an evil ass monkey that attacks you if you go there too, not killable though so PETA won't jump down R*s backs Edit: I just thought of something else... If we could swim all the way to the border of Canada and they have some signs out there making fun of them or something... Such as "Don't ask us aboot why you can't come ashore" stupid I know, but it's an idea... I have nothing against Canadians btw I'm chock-full of ideas for this game What do you guys and gals think of my ideas?
  3. I'm not fighting I just can't stand it when some wise-guy tries to put someone on the spot. I'm not going to be bashed by a little 15 year old kid... I hearby declare this pointless and unimportant to discuss any longer. I just want to say that I'm ashamed to share the same state with him. And if Chris wants to ban me for taking up for myself against a little kid who thinks he's 'the shit' then I say go for it, I'm here to have a good time and desperately await this awesome game... We just need to get rid of the assholes and jerks in here, so far all I have seen is him
  4. LoL Thankz... and I was running low on ideas when it came to the dead bird, I just seen it on tv a couple weeks ago, thought it was funny
  5. That wasn't even funny. It was flat-out stupid. Your comment fails. Well, that guy in the artwork looks similar to the guy in the screen. If I wanted to hear from an asshole I'd fart aight?
  6. Yall are all blind.. This man is clearly Tom Cruise
  7. I don't know if this has been said yet or not, but i want to drive an 18 wheeler with a removable trailer, not just a gas tank.... I want to see the 4 wheeler again as well... maybe revamp the sanchez and make it look like a newer dirtbike
  8. I think its going to look awesome with or without HD
  9. I was just wondering as to why you haven't put Niko in the main page banner yet... Are you just waiting for the game to come out or did it just slip your mind? Just curious... You can delete this post without offence... I'd like to see Niko on there though, since we all know he's the real main character..
  10. Sounds a lot like Kreg Fergusun to me
  11. No one is taking into consideration on how small that duffel bag actually IS... It's about the width of 3 ps3 game cases... That's pretty damn small... I'm only forking out the extra 90 because of the metal case and the keychain.. bleh
  12. I have a few cool ideas (or so I think so)... It would be neat for them to impliment suicide bombers or random snipers Example: You could be just walking down the street and see people being plecked off left and right It would be cool if they added special effects to special weapons Example: When you have a chainsaw, you can cut off their limbs and such Speaking of weapons, I want to see more variety Not just the same ol' same ol' It might be cool for the cops to read you your rights and as one person said "Fight the cops off and run" I want to see marine life react to you... Hell, I wouldn't mind going fishing on the game lol... Maybe even get eaten by a shark like Scarface did... I'd like to be able to shoot the birds and use them as weapons Example: Grab them my their dead bodies by the necks and hit people with em I want to see ALOT of easter eggs, cool stuff too, not just boring shit I'd like to see people swimming, whether in their own private swimming pools or in the ocean More ways to customize your vehicle in the paint shops That's all I have for now... I will give some more ideas later
  13. Thats not true... Whoever said that is obviously a moron. In the trailer that are some gameplay shots of Niko driving, and its not in first person view. I really hope they still have the original driving views in there, because i like to see my cars backend slide when i hand brake and so much more details and stuff I'd like to be able to view... First person driving never impresses me, it's too boring... If I wanted to look out over a hood while driving i'd jump into my own vehicle... But thanks for that bit of hope Andrew... It raised my spirits a bit... The new trailer rocked ass and I can't wait for the game
  14. There is only 1 thing that I'm worried about... I read somewhere that when you are driving a car, you'll only be able to look out through the windshield over the hood.... I don't want that... I want my 4 camera angles while driving .... Close, Closer, First Person, and Helicopter view... I want to be able to see my damn car when I'm driving, all of it... That part is just takin the realism way too far.. Someone tell me I'm lying or that I heard different, because I really am worried about this
  15. I still would like a GTA:IV sticker... When I bought Bully SE I got a R* sticker that I put on the back of my SUV... I wonder if that safe is steel, that would be great... I am most definitely going to keep my game in there so little fukkos won't be trying to play on it while I'm not home ... That is a perfect idea... Much props to R*
  16. What about flying cars? Now granted, parachutes probably won't come with the flying car cheat, but it's still flying. If they include that cheat then I say the hell with airplanes. I know that helicopters will be in the game, but I don't really like those. Also, do you guys think there will be new cheats? On top of the old ones? Like in GTA:SA they included a few good ones such as the jetpack for example. Do you think that the jetpack will be in GTA:IV? If this is an already discussed topic then please redirect me to the right one.
  17. For some reason I just don't don't believe that.. The GTA cover has a big "IV" on it.
  18. If we're lucky the episodic content will have f**kin planes ... I'm a ps3 owner so it better have EC for the PS3... It's only fair... Unless they had to leave stuff out of the 360 version because of it being too weak to handle everything, so they are including patches for it... Planes and Skydiving would be very cool... And a jetpack (I REALLY hope thats in GTAIV) If it's not then I'll be even further disappointed
  19. I wanna see some cripple-people.. Or some literally mentally challenged people.. That would be very interesting.. Shooting a mentally insane person in the toe .. The reaction alone would be enough to keep me entertained for hours I know, I'm horrible.. But imagine smashing into a guy in a wheelchair with your car... Think of the new physics.. That would be awesome. No kids though, animals yeah, but no kids.
  20. I just so happen to like the "Gangsta" Gta. It's was way more interesting than boring Tommy Vercetti (sp?). Hell, give us a redneck based game, that'll be interesting. Either that or give us a game where you play a child and as he gets older he kills and fights etc... That'd be cool. Working our way up from kindergarten haha. I don't care what race or color he is. It'd be neat to see a chinaman though as the main character .
  21. I dunno about you other guys, but I'm a big ass fan of the music. Vice City got me addicted to 80s music. Do you guys think we'll be able to make our own music playlists? Because now we can finally store music on our PS. That feature would be pretty cool.
  22. Ty for the welcome .. But no offense to the female gender but gta just wouldnt be right with a girl as the main character... R* could also mean different as in some avg. family man with a decent job gets caught up in the mob or something.. never know.. but im excited as hell for this friggin trailor
  23. I just hope when they say "Things Will Be Different" they aren't meaning something like a female main character or a Hobo or something o_O
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