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  1. This is true about the money situation, but I'm one of those impatient people... If I have struggled on a certain mission forever and I finally got close to beating it, but I run out of ammo right at the last minute, it's kind of hard to pause the mission just to run all the way to ammo-nation and restock on ammo.... But like everyone's saying.. If it f**ks with the achievements then chances are, I won't cheat
  2. What is this "Dun" that you speak of? Should I have it also? j/k
  3. I think it's a parody of the fear people have of getting on a rollercoster. They are always scared of dying when they think of getting on one. It incorperates death with rollercosters. I still think it's "The Corpse Bride" parody... It could still mean the same thing as you said, but the name itself has to be a 'Corpse Bride' parody
  4. What about this car? Has it been pointed out yet?
  5. Sprunk, Cluck n Bell, & Binco were in the first trailer I believe.... Kids fighting = Old : and I don't think they are kids The graffiti has already been discussed What about "The Corpse Ride" on the sign in the picture of the lady screaming... That's a parody of The Corpse Bride but no one has discussed this ... hMmmz
  6. Hell yeah I would cheat... I've never been a fan of running out of ammo or not having my favorite gun
  7. If you look in the background of the first pic, you can see a fire escape... I know I know, nothing new.. But can you climb them? What about ladders?
  8. hey dude im gonna cry for a while becuase i two only have a pc, cross your fingers take a deep breath release those pressure points and relax, im sure it will come to pc, at least it better! Man, if i were you 2, I would be finding a way to make some money... And I'm talking about SOON... If you got a standard job making at least 100 bucks a week, you can easily save up for a 360 or PS3... Though I own a PS3 (and love it to death), I recommend a 360 for the dlc and the pricing... If you can't wait then go to your local RAC (Rent-A-Center) and rent - to - own one of the systems
  9. That is actually a very good idea... Very good indeed... If Microsoft, Sony, & Wii all 3 joined hands imagine what kind of gaming world it would be... Ex: Super Smash Bros : Street Brawl - Featuring-- Sonic, Mario, CJ, Lui Kang, Luigi, Pikachu, Tony Hawk, Niko, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Link, Jimmy Hopkins, the entire cast of Tekkin, Plus Many More The graphics would be outrageously good and the game-play would be phenomenal and spontaneous... But you are right, that will never happen
  10. Hmmz I will stare at it for a good 30 minutes, just letting the anticipation build up Then I will take some pictures with it because I am a Myspace junkie I'll write a blog rubbing it in everyones faces I guess that I can admit the fact that I will smell everything to do with the game, since 'come to find out' everyone else does it too Then I shall attach the R* key chain to my keys After that I will open the game box That will be followed by a brief exclamation that will disturb every kind of peace there is in my neighborhood.. Ex: "@#$! YEAH @*$! YEAH!! I GOT THE MOTHER F*@$%ing game HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Then I shall rub it on my nuts for good luck Theeeen pop it in and get to work
  11. But if they made it (dlc) for 360 then all it would take is a simple controller reconfig. and playstation could get it... Surely someone in R* has to like ps3 better than 360... Not saying that either one is better than the other one... This just isn't fair to me... And yes, I feel like whining about it
  12. I'm kind of regretting my decision on buying a PS3... I should just sell it and buy a 360... GTA:IV is the ONLY reason I bought a PS3, because I thought it would be better on it... Come to find out, graphics will be the same and we get nothing special online thats able to download Edit: P.S. I don't care if all playstation gets is a hammer with M.C. on the side of it... I want that hammer damnit
  13. In 4 months we should know all we need to know
  14. Ah if it was just a mod the it wouldn't be all that funny... If R* actually put it in the real game then THAT would be funny... Because not everyone knows how to mod
  15. True but it would still be cool... The wet clothes could slow him down a bit, make him feel heavier
  16. Jet Skies and faster boats with improved handling .. Not the place to say this but I want Niko get be able to get drenched... Crawling out of the water after swimming should not leave him dry
  17. It has been discussed, I know, but I want a topic mainly for this one thing... A discussion on what should be shootable... Action - Reaction The ability to shoot specific things on a ped/bad guy/object Example: A shot to the elbow or the big toe should have a realistic reaction Example 2: If you want to shoot off just the top of a bottle, you can If you want to shoot someone's ear off, it shouldn't kill them automatically, it should pleck their ear off and they either run to a hospital or bleed to death If you shoot someone's windshield and it has cracks, it should impair the peds driving to a certain extent If you shoot a soda can, it should spew like it would in real life If you want to shoot a locked door (Anywhere) you should be able to shoot the lock and open it Shooting a neon sign should have a reaction as well Shooting a hole in the bottom of a boat should make the boat fill with water and eventually sink... Not just having to wait for it to explode to do so And on the vehicles... Shooting at the trunk of a car repeatedly should not make it blow up If you want to lock this then feel free, I don't care.. But I think the details of the bullet entries should matter... It would make for a more realistic gaming experience
  18. Hells to the mudda-fu**in yeah I just wish they'd make ManHunt 2 "Unrated" so we can buy it without R* having to weaken it... Or let them have the unedited version available at some online store that we can buy it at
  19. Maybe one of the missions involves you getting locked up, killing a set of people, then doing a jailbreak... You could get tats in prison, that'd be cool...
  20. They are going to have to lower the violence in Manhunt 2 because it got an A/O rating... Now this game is going to be weak... Damn all of those companies who won't accept an A/O rating I'm not really worried about GTA4 because no matter the rating, they won't take any of the action away... People can always get it shipped to them from another country.. Luckily I live in the US... Our government isn't THAT strict, they may be retarded all the time, but they aren't strict as hell... They can leave it at a simple "Rated M" and let it go
  21. LoL good idea... Peeing on people after jacking their car... What about standing on the top of a building and peeing down onto peds in the street
  22. Peds going after Niko in the night because their bosses want him dead... That has always been a good idea to me... Peds could try to drown him too, that would be neat.... Or run him over with their cars once, then back up over him, then take off running him over a 3rd time...
  23. I think it's a bit wrong of rockstar to accept Microsofts offer to make them special dlc... Especially with no hopes of dlc on the ps3... Playstation/Sony are the ones that started gta off, it shouldn't be a matter of money, it should be a matter of respect for the company that helped them get their start... It sucks that I'm a ps3 fanboy and I won't get dlc for gta4
  24. Worth it the first 2-3 times. After that, annoying, tedious, and pointless. Eh, true, but it would make for a good one time funny moment
  25. What about using the bathroom? Scarface did it, so can GTA ... I think it would be funny if we were right in the middle of an extremely important mission and then Niko gets the 'runs'... I believe it would be well worth the time and effort of redoing everything just to let him go to the potty... With subtitles such as "Damn American food!" and "F**K Cluck n Bells" when a cut-scene has a shot at the bathroom door he's in It's 3 am... I'm sleepy... Excuse me for being rediculous
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