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  1. I've been lately I thought it would be interesting if the game has performed Lady Gaga xD
  2. She123

    GTA v PC Version

    must be a gta V for pc
  3. I was thinking of the first posts in this topic
  4. your posts provide a lot of interesting information
  5. I like the presentation looks very realistic
  6. very nice GTA online it's good idea for all gamers 8)
  7. interesting xD thx ^^
  8. hmm, a little bit similar to the X-Men
  9. This is a way to stop youth? omg xD bleee
  10. reduced interest in the game? less-active members who write posts ..
  11. I like everything looks nice fairly realistic
  12. very encouraging, it will be fun to relax with this game: D
  13. First watch the landscape and countryside
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