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Finger explosion!


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Because, no offense, but your sarcasm sucks. You make your sarcastic statements a bit too long((in which, they lose a bit of sarcastic value)). And furthermore, you don't have much emphasis on the sarcastic areas. Like in your example, "I'm sooooo coooool!". It's hard to decipher sarcasm on the internet, which is why you need to emphasize certain words/areas, and which why I use sarcasm tags((or did)).

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I once climbed in to a tree with a friend but I fell out just when I was about to grab a stick thingie and I fell on my on that bone a little bit above your ass (don't know what it is called in English) and I almost couldn't breath and I thought I was dying :mellow: Few days later I climb again, fell again, same spot only on a hard thing and I was like freakin out and with my last breaths trying to say I'm gonna die lol but after a while I could breath again :P

It's true ^_^

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