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  1. Golly. Isn't this a blast from the past.
  2. Man, this is sick. =/ Those girls deserve way more than 72 hours.
  3. Nice pic. I might even steal it. :3

  4. BOOKS before WOMENZ?! oh my gawd. :o

  5. That was probably the longest post in the history of chihuahuas. Be proud. ._.
  6. I'm finding this hard to believe. Two whole years? That cannot be right.
  7. V

    omg me tooh!

  8. I think I meant for pedestrian safety. With crumple zones under a bonnet the pedestrian has a better chance of surviving, or something. But meh, you're right, I really don't know.
  9. Anime first started airing in South Africa only a few months ago. This was because there were some people that claimed that shows like Pokemon were anti-christian or something. I dunno really. At first I watched stuff like .hack//SIGN and .hack//Legend, but after a while found it slow and repetitive. Black Lagoon is the only anime I bother to watch now.
  10. Could be a Mini Clubman then, but that's a little too specific.
  11. V

    It's about averages. Say one person rates 3 stars and another person rates 5 stars, then the obvious average would be 4 stars. ;)

    I'm doing fine and yourself?

  12. The Pyramid Song - Radiohead I'm obsessed
  13. V

    Lmao @msn address. xp

  14. Don't Look Behind - Black Lagoon OST.
  15. Guybrush Threepwood, you just gotta love him.
  16. Taking a shit again, huh? T_T
  17. Time for some gut wrenching emo-splat. ;)

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