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Note About Forum "Games" (Spammy crap)

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Recently there's been a huge increase in the number of illiterate idiots here at The GTA Place, posting their topics in the wrong place. This topic has been made to explain the reasons why we have a specific forum for "Fun and Games", a.k.a spam.

While we do our best to turn idiots into good members, it causes a lot of extra and unnecessary work for the staff here. As of late there have been many, many people posting their topics in The Lounge, rather than Fun and Games.

The Lounge - This forum is where you can post any discussion-worthy topics which don't belong in any of the other subforums. You post here because what your topic is about has nothing to do with GTA, and it isn't about videogames, entertainment, current affairs, or computers, however, it's still something that can be discussed and made sense of.

Fun and Games - This forum is where you are allowed to post topics where discussion isn't needed, posts can be made frequently and your post count won't increase because of this - nobody benefits from posting here. You post here just for fun when your topic doesn't have a serious point to it.

I've been handing out verbal warnings and the occasional formal warning to rule breakers in the past week, however, after this announcement, everyone who posts their topic in the lounge which doesn't belong there will be receiving a formal warning, or something more serious if you continue to keep on breaking the rule.

We try hard to have a nice and relaxed attitude around here, and keep the community spirit friendly, however, there are times like this when we need to deal more harshly with disobedient members. I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you all to read the rules and do your best to adhere to them. Please stick to the rules and have a good time here.

~~ The GTA Place Staff

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