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  1. gtafan07

    I need your help/opinion

    any way I can update them, quick and easy?
  2. gtafan07

    I need your help/opinion

    Processor: Intel® Pentium®4 CPU 3.00GHz Memory: 254MB RAM Graphics Card:Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller BIOS:Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A02 I have more info if you need it just list hwat you need in a reply.
  3. has not set their status

  4. I'll just start with my story, before we get to the dilemma[sp.?], so I'm walking through my local walmart, I'm looking at PSN cards, but something catches my eye, right in the other aisle lays 3 copies of a PC version GTASA, for a mere $9.99, I already have GTASA for PS2, but I've always wanted the PC version to mod and such, but here's where your guys' needed help comes in, my PC is weak, always has been, I bought Rome:Total War once and it was really slow, but I swear I've heard somewhere that GTASA can run easily on any computer, I need confirmation of this, I also need help knowing the minimum specs needed, simple, but I don't know my PC's specs, does anyone know how I can find out how to get my PC specs, and finally, if everything checks out, should I get it. I'll put this in short for those that have difficulty with "walls of text" and for people that hate eyestrain. -Can GTASA run easy on any computer -Minimum spec required for GTASA (link is fine) -Where and how can I find the specs to my computer -If everything is good, should I get it? Please hurry, those copies may not be there for very long, and thanks in advance to those that help. EDIT:If it helps, I have Windows XP
  5. gtafan07

    white stallionz unique jump

    the pcj is your best bet you also need to remember that you need about 35 meters over the structure to get it
  6. gtafan07

    Where are all the RAMPAGES for the PSP?

    Try looking in allies, backyards, and roofs they are well hidden throughout the game.
  7. gtafan07

    Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

    Say, didn't the other GTAs get delayed too, because I did, I kind of expected this, but forgot about it seeing all the great previews and demo reviews.
  8. gtafan07

    Official Playstation Discussion

    The first 500,000 americans did get Talledega Nights cuz I got it when got my PS3.
  9. gtafan07

    Official Playstation Discussion

    Say, does any body plan on getting Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for PS3 it looks good with awesome looking graphics and it actually isn't 'bout WWII.
  10. gtafan07

    Up,Up and Away!

    I haven't played SA in a long time but this is the mission for Woozie right? If that's it then before getting into the helicopter destroy all the military copters and guards, and then when you have the van try to keep high altitude andd try not to hit the ground keep high and make it the the abandoned air strip and and pass the mission. thats the correct one you were talking about right? or was there something else on there you needed help with?
  11. I am going to get to the store buy PS3 game (if not sold out) get home rip out the game put in PS3 Call friends play 'till midnight take a drink break play 3 more hours then the rest plays out
  12. PS3 seeing as that's the only console I have for GTA IV. And also because I'm always playing GTA on Sony consoles so I'd be used to it than 360 or PC.
  13. gtafan07

    Least Favourite Mission

    Zero's missions especially the first one with shooting ther planes
  14. gtafan07

    GTA4 special effects

    Yeah better then the others except for the fact that there are no planes but lots of people have gotten over that besides there could be helicopters also like 7.62mm said watching the trailers can help already if you haven't watch'em already.
  15. gtafan07

    [SA]Fatal Explosion

    Sweet stunts. Though the first stunt in the entire video I can't do because I always screw it up.