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GTA IV Gets Google Mapped


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GamesRadar have put up an article to prove that Liberty City may in fact be a pretty big game world by using Google Maps.

First we used Google Maps editing kit and dropped in all the known locations that have been seen in the trailer. Then we added the Liberty City/NYC boroughs revealed by the Game Informer preview. Finally we drew a boundary around certain geographical locations that we can imagine serving as useful boundary points in the game - sea, major roads and the JFK airport for example.

The results are pretty surprising. The area the map could potentially cover is huge.

The map isn't entirely accurate, but it gives a bit of an indication of just how big the game world could be. Though, we have to bear in mind that San Andreas was a whole state. Check out the links below to see for yourself. We'll leave you to form your own opinions on how big you perceive the map to be.

Links: GamesRadar article | Liberty City on Google Maps

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Yeah, I tried to show where the old Liberty City could have been based on to New York and compared that to what could be added, but we don't know if any old locations of the old Liberty City will be in the new version of Liberty City. GameRadar did something a little different here showing the sections of New York Rockstar are putting into GTA IV. This is pretty cool though.

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EDIT on 21 April, 2007: This news article was edited, the post below was written when the original entry was up.

Original Post on 20 April, 2007:Wow Chris I never thought you'd post this article, at least not like this. Obviously the landmarks seen in the trailer aren't that far apart as they are in real life, even the Hearst Tower is moved a lot closer to Times Square.

If they had to do the same thing with San Andreas and Vice City they'd come up with huge maps...

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