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Welcome fellow forum members, After recently recieving Photoshop CS2 i have reopened my store and am trying to become a much better graphic designer.

The graphics that i make will mainly be to help me gain more skills in CS2. So if any experienced graphic designers on this forum could give me bits of advice and help me with my request i would be much appreciateive.

Now i know most people will go to MrLlamaLlama's graphic shop, simply becuase he is much better and is more expericenced, but meh.


Dazzabars: Free


Signature: Free

Avatar: Free

Wallpaper: $100







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nice gfx! :coolthumbup:

Your being serious right :unsure: , if you are Thanks Man

Well yet another graphics shop, there are to many of them around here

Yeah, we only need one. :innocent:

haha yeah i guess that is true( by the way jared were do you get all those images to put into signatures

yea, i also want to know!

BTW i can't find any good dragon pic to make a DS sig! :unsure:

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@Wu-Zi-Mu, your signatures are pretty good. Do you make any GIF images?

And what would they be??, mate TBH i don't know anything about graphics i just started messing around on photoshop Cs2 and yeah here i am.:P

GIF Images are like the one I have at the bottom of my signature. If you have CS2, you should have Image Ready. You could make GIF Images in there after you make the frames in Photoshop. You should play around with that. Maybe have a bullet firing from the gun or something.

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ahh yes i see............... i am in it now, it looks pretty complicated i might have to look at some tutorials.

It's very easy. If you at least know how to use photoshop I could give you a tut right now.

You must know how to create/edit images in Photoshop(CS2) in order to be able to create each frame for the GIF Image you're attempting to create. I don't see any of this as being hard, but very tedious.


Create a separate folder for the images that are going to be the GIF Image. When naming each image, give them simple names such as; aa, ab, ac and etc. like so.


After you have all the frames done and saved in a separate folder in order alphabetically, they don't necessarily need to be in order in the folder because Image Ready will put the images in alphabetically, you open up Image Ready. Once Image Ready is open, you go up to File/Import/Folder as Frames.


Once you do that a window will pop up where at that point, you'll have to find the folder on your computer. So don't lose it.


Once you do that, you should see a still picture come up along with an animation strip.


This is where you could view it before you save it as a GIF Image. You can also edit the pictures in here, but it is a lot more difficult than Photoshop if you're not experienced. If the animation strip doesn’t show, you could find it up in Window/Animation.


I hope this helps.

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