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The sky

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No. But if you get too high it sometimes goes all black when in a car whats upside down with a few circles (unless i was having a migrane).

^ -pretty much. just selotape the keys down, go eat sumthin, go for a whizz, go eat some more (wash hands first ;)) , get a drink, see it's a nice day outside, engage in some kind of excersize, go in, have a drink, get somethi to eat. Go back to your PC and check. I did. Then i watched tommy plummet and land on someone's golfcart. hehe.

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Yeah, but we're talking about the sky in GTA:VC :angry:

I've also seen it, BTW, when the car flips, its allmost as a ADI (Attitude Indicator) on planes.

And i'm talking about how to find out for yourself what it looks like, by leaving the jaetpack on for a while. ffs.

@ Ram - it's not a jetpack spawn, its a feature, but there's no model. It gives some hotkey combo's, use them and you'll understand mate.

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