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One shot, two shot....

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It has been discussed, I know, but I want a topic mainly for this one thing...

A discussion on what should be shootable...

Action - Reaction

The ability to shoot specific things on a ped/bad guy/object

Example: A shot to the elbow or the big toe should have a realistic reaction

Example 2: If you want to shoot off just the top of a bottle, you can

If you want to shoot someone's ear off, it shouldn't kill them automatically, it should pleck their ear off and they either run to a hospital or bleed to death

If you shoot someone's windshield and it has cracks, it should impair the peds driving to a certain extent

If you shoot a soda can, it should spew like it would in real life

If you want to shoot a locked door (Anywhere) you should be able to shoot the lock and open it

Shooting a neon sign should have a reaction as well

Shooting a hole in the bottom of a boat should make the boat fill with water and eventually sink... Not just having to wait for it to explode to do so

And on the vehicles... Shooting at the trunk of a car repeatedly should not make it blow up

If you want to lock this then feel free, I don't care.. But I think the details of the bullet entries should matter... It would make for a more realistic gaming experience

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yes, in shooting/killing someone white target = unable to move, knocked out. black = dead.

the white eventually fades to grey then black sometimes or they go back to orange or something and they somehow get away. in white they are either in a siesure, moving around but not standing up because you shot them in the leg or they are in too much pain, knocked out is just moving slightly, like fear. Black is just dead.

I think limbs and stuff will have real reactions, gib, blown off, ripped to pieces but still connected, ripped off, chopped off. stuff like that.

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lol, yeh that was funny :) (maybe going slightly off topic here) i think they should employ the same targeting system as saints row; dont have one. I think the whole manuel targeting thing really works.

I would love to see more detail with the reactions of peds being shot and blood, bullet wounds etc. All adds to the realism of the game.

Nice to see they have made the detail on shooting cars a lot better, in the trailer with the shooting out the tires and bullet holes across the windscreen. Looks wicked :)

Some nice thoughts there wolfman...

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yeah they should make a better targeting system, which they are, but better than Saints Row. Yes manual aim in SR was sort of difficult and at times frustrating. Instence, your try to shoot a guy and he's just running side to side shooting you and as a result you get killed. That fucking pisses me off so bad dude.

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Oh and it should keep track of what you shoot (memorable stuff anyway) in the statistics. Like in Scarface, when you shot somebody specific, they would act accordingly and where you shot would show up on screen. Same thing in GTA4, only it would count your shots in that particular body part in the stats, instead of appearing on screen.

Left nut shot=priceless.

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